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Gaza Cybergang – updated activity in 2017:

1. Summary information The Gaza cybergang is an Arabic-language, politically-motivated cybercriminal group, operating since 2012 and actively targeting the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. The Gaza cybergang’s attacks have never slowed down and its typical targets include government entities/embassies, oil and gas, media/press, activists, politi
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Gaza cybergang, where’s your IR team?

Summary information: Gaza cybergang is a politically motivated Arabic cybercriminal group operating in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region, mainly Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. The group has been operating since 2012 and became particularly active in Q2 2015. One interesting new fact about Gaza cybergang activities is that they are actively s
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The Desert Falcons targeted attacks

Download Full Report PDF The Desert Falcons are a new group of Cyber Mercenaries operating in the Middle East and carrying out Cyber Espionage across that region. The group uses an arsenal of homemade malware tools and techniques to execute and conceal its campaigns on PC and Mobile OS. #FalconsAPT is the 1st known campaign to be fully developed by Arabi
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