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14 best open-source web application vulnerability scanners [updated for 2020]

Learn Vulnerability ScanningLearn about vulnerability scanning tools.This skills course covers⇒ Application and container scans⇒ Analyzing vulnerability scans⇒ Vulnerability scanningLEARN MOREIntroductionIn the past, many popular websites have been hacked. Hackers are active and always trying to hack websites and leak data. This is why security testing
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Updating Legacy Systems Amid Growing Cybersecurity Concerns

Over the past few months, a shift to remote working has raised many security questions for businesses trying to protect their data. And, ensuring that legacy systems are secure is a key priority.  Keeping legacy systems up to date in a world of increasing cyber threats has been a concern the past few years, but it has become more prevalent as the pandem
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Why Zero-Click Cyberthreats Should Be on Your Radar

For years, the statistics have told us that human error is the greatest contributor to cyberattacks. We’ve stressed the importance of training, training and more training to prevent the almost inevitable from happening. We’ve been convinced that the key to defending against cyberthreats is to keep the unsuspecting from clicking on phishing emails
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The 2020 Cyber Resilient Organization: Preparation and Technology Differentiate High Performers

The Ponemon Institute just released its annual “The Cyber Resilient Organization” report, sponsored by IBM Security. In its fifth year, this study takes an in-depth look at organizations’ ability to prevent, detect, contain and respond to cyberattacks. The report examines changes in cyber resilience and identifies approaches and best practices organizations
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Vulnerable Powerline Extenders Underline Lax IoT Security

Multiple vulnerabilities have been found in Tenda PA6 Wi-Fi Powerline extender, version This device is part of Tenda’s PH5 Powerline Extender Kit and extends the wireless network through home’s existing electrical circuitry. The kit, in collaboration with X-Force Red, IBM Security’s team of hackers, aligns with the HomePlug AV2 technology and
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An Apple a Day: Treating BYOD Pains with Apple User Enrollment

Even with workers returning to the office—it might be a trickle or a flood depending on the organization—the shift towards remote work is moving from just a short-term necessity to a long-term reality. That shift has changed the face of business worldwide. This change makes it more important than ever for IT and Security teams to prioritize endpoint manageme
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Apple Announces New Privacy Features at WWDC 2020

Apple kicked off its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on Monday — a virtual event due to the current coronavirus pandemic — and announced several new privacy features coming to its products.The new iOS 14 will allow iPhone users to only share an approximate location with the apps they are using rather than giving them access to precise location da
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Ginp Malware Operations are on the Rise, Aiming to Expand in Turkey

The Ginp mobile banking malware, which emerged in late 2019, is one of the top most prevalent Android banking malware families today. It started as a simple short message server (SMS) stealer and rapidly evolved into one of the most advanced actors in the financial fraud landscape. Ginp has primarily targeted Spanish banks, but recent evidence suggests the m
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Trump's 2020 Reelection App Exposed Secrets, Keys

An analysis of the “Official Trump 2020” application revealed that keys to various parts of the app were being exposed to attacks, Website Planet reports.The application, developed for President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.While investigating the app, Website Planet’s cybersecurity analysts No
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Amnesty Sounds Alarm Over Gulf, Norway Virus Apps

Amnesty International warned Tuesday that contact-tracing technology developed to contain the novel coronavirus threatens users' privacy, highlighting Bahraini, Kuwaiti and Norwegian apps as "among the most dangerous".Many countries have turned to smartphones to trace people's movements and track their contacts, allowing officials to monitor coronavirus infe
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API Protection Firm Salt Security Raises $20 Million

API security startup Salt Security has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Tenaya Capital. With the increasing rate of business transformation, cloud adoption, and remote working, APIs are rapidly becoming the heartbeat of online business; but they cannot be adequately protected by traditional proxy-based security controls.Akamai reported t
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New Security Tech in Intel CPUs Protects Systems Against Malware Attacks

Intel on Monday unveiled a new security technology for its processors that will help protect systems against attack methods commonly used by malware.The new Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET), which is built into the hardware microarchitecture, will initially be available in the upcoming Tiger Lake mobile processors, but the tech giant plans on includ
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AppOmni Launches Solution to Protect SaaS Applications for Remote Workers

AppOmni Aims to Reduce SaaS Risks in Remote Working With Enterprise EssentialsAppOmni has launched a cloud security posture management (CSPM) product called Enterprise Essentials designed to automate the process of achieving best security practices for all major SaaS platforms, and provide visibility into what is happening to sensitive data in the cloud.The
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Zoom to Provide Detailed Info on Upcoming End-to-End Encryption Feature

Zoom announced this week that on May 22 it will publish a detailed draft of the cryptographic design it plans on using for its upcoming end-to-end encryption feature.As a result of increased scrutiny from privacy and security experts — as well as hackers targeting meetings — Zoom has started making improvements to its platform and it has promised to implemen
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Take a Bite Out of Sweyn

If you work in the healthcare industry, you may have heard about a family of vulnerabilities called “SweynTooth.” Researchers from Singapore first discovered the vulnerabilities in 2019. After waiting 90 days to announce them, which is part of the responsible disclosure process, they published a technical paper. If you are not familiar with the S
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