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The mystery of the Silver Sparrow Mac malware

Cyber security company Red Canary published findings last week about a new piece of Mac malware called Silver Sparrow. This malware is notable in being one of the first to include native code for Apple’s new M1 chips, but what is unknown about this malware is actually more interesting than what is known! Installation We know that the malware was
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A week in security (February 15 – February 21)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs, the spotlight fell on the State of Malware 2021 report, wherein we have seen cyberthreats evolve. We also touched on ransomware, such as Egregor and a tactic known as Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) brute forcing that has long been part of the ransomware operators’ toolkit; insider threats, such as what Yandex recently
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Updated XcodeGhost Adds iOS9 Support

New samples of XcodeGhost, malware targeting iOS devices, have surfaced beyond the borders of China with new support for iOS9 and obfuscation techniques making it that much harder to detect.iOS9 is only a few weeks old and included new security measures that allowed for only secure HTTPS connections by default, cutting off lines of communication for earlier
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YiSpecter iOS Malware Abuses Apple Enterprise Certs to Push Adware

Researchers warned that the November unveiling of the WireLurker malware targeting Apple platforms could turn out to be a blueprint for Mac and iOS malware writers. While WireLurker was quickly squashed and proved to be fairly benign, its authors demonstrated how the abuse of Apple-issued enterprise developer certificates was an effective means of getting ma
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XcodeGhost Malware Stirring Up More Trouble

As more eyes peer into XcodeGhost, the malware that managed to sneak into Apple’s App Store, more trouble bubbles to the surface.Researchers at Palo Alto Networks said in an updated report that the malware contains a vulnerability that allows an attacker in man-in-the-middle position to control iOS applications infected by XcodeGhost. “XcodeGho
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WireLurker Mac OS X Malware Shut Down

WireLurker is no more.After causing an overnight sensation, the newly disclosed family of Apple Mac OS X malware capable of also infecting iOS devices has been put to rest. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks confirmed this morning that the command and control infrastructure supporting WireLurker has been shut down and Apple has revoked a legitimate digital ce
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FireEye and OS X Support

Today, we announced support for OS X in our flagship NX product. This means we now have virtual image capabilities for Macs in an enterprise environment. This is important for several reasons: Mac’s footprint inside the enterprise is growing. Today, 21 percent of information workers are using one or more Apple products and a 52 percent projected increase in
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Forced to Adapt: XSLCmd Backdoor Now on OS X

Introduction FireEye Labs recently discovered a previously unknown variant of the APT backdoor XSLCmd – OSX.XSLCmd – which is designed to compromise Apple OS X systems. This backdoor shares a significant portion of its code with the Windows-based version of the XSLCmd backdoor that has been around since at least 2009. This discovery, along with other indust
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