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New, New, New from Apple! – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 153

Apple announced new Apple Watch models, updated iPads, a new fitness subscription service, and a subscription bundle, Apple One. While iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 were released this week, there’s still no news on macOS. Josh and Kirk look at all the new stuff, and try to figure out what’s best for most users. Apple Introduces New Apple Watch, iPad Air,
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Hands on with iOS 14's new data breach notification feature

With the release of iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new feature that warns users when their stored passwords have been compromised in data breaches.iOS includes the Keychain password manager that allows users to save credentials and automatically fill them into login forms on sites and apps.The password manager can be found under Settings > Passw
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Everything you can do with the Apple Pencil

Steve Jobs famously said, about tablets, "If you need a stylus, you’ve already failed." But he was talking about using a stylus as the main input device for a tablet. When Apple released the Apple Pencil in 2015, this quote was revived to remind people that a) things have changed, and b) Steve Jobs wasn’t always right.In 2018, Apple rel
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1/3 of Americans Suffer from Digital Amnesia (Survey)

Are digital devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers diminishing our memory? We asked Americans which important phone numbers they can remember and the results were alarming—it’s not a lot. Perhaps the most frightening finding from our survey is that over 82 percent of parents wouldn’t be able to remember their children’s phone number if they had to.
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Apple Introduces New Apple Watch, iPad Air, and AppleOne Services Bundle

It’s a strange year. Instead of the annual iPhone-fest that we’ve become familiar with in September, Apple’s flagship product is delayed until next month. So the company has presented some new items: the latest Apple Watch, an updated iPad Air, and a bundle of services and subscriptions called AppleOne. In another pre-recorded event from Ap
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Windows 10 Sandbox activation enables zero-day vulnerability

A reverse engineer discovered a new zero-day vulnerability in most Windows 10 editions, which allows creating files in restricted areas of the operating system.Exploiting the flaw is trivial and attackers can use it to further their attack after initial infection of the target host, albeit it works only on machines with Hyper-V feature enabled.Easy-peas
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Covid-19 Exposure Logging: Key Privacy Considerations

Recently, both Apple and Google released new updates for iPhone and Android devices. One feature that was added was “Covid-19 Exposure Logging.” The feature is off (for now), and according to the text that accompanies the app, when turned on, it is set to communicate via Bluetooth to other devices.iPhone Android My initial response was that we are
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Tripwire Patch Priority Index for August 2020

Tripwire‘s August 2020 Patch Priority Index (PPI) brings together important vulnerabilities from Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple.Up first on the patch priority list this month are patches for Microsoft and Apple for vulnerabilities that have been integrated into various exploits. Metasploit has recently added exploits for Microsoft .NET Framework, SharePoi
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Malware authors trick Apple into trusting malicious Shlayer apps

The authors of the Mac malware known as Shlayer have successfully managed to get their malicious payloads through Apple's automated notarizing process.Since February 2020 all Mac software distributed outside of its Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple to be able to run on macOS Catalina and above.The notarization process requires developers to submit sof
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Apple’s notarization process fails to protect

In macOS Mojave, Apple introduced the concept of notarization, a process that developers can go through to ensure that their software is malware-free (and must go through for their software to run on macOS Catalina). This is meant to be another layer in Apple’s protection against malware. Unfortunately, it’s starting to look like notarization may
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MS Office Macro Malware Makes A Comeback

Once the most popular way to infect computers, Microsoft Office macros had fallen out of favour as users and anti-malware systems got better at spotting and blocking infected attachments. However, it appears that macro malware is currently enjoying something of a comeback, this time attacking Apple Mac computers. Macros provide a way for power users to autom
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Sinter: New user-mode security enforcement for macOS

TL;DR: Sinter is the first available open-source endpoint protection agent written entirely in Swift, with support for Apple’s new EndpointSecurity API from first principles. Sinter demonstrates how to build a successful event-authorization security agent, and incorporates solutions to many of the challenges that all endpoint protection agents will face as t
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How to Know If Your Phone Has a Virus + How to Remove It

When you picture hackers you likely think of two things. Either large scale, enterprise attacks that cause millions in damage, or micro phishing attacks that prey on the most vulnerable internet users. Growing up in the internet age, with the said-to-be indestructible Apple products, it’s hard to fathom a virus wreaking havoc on your phone and mining your da
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Affected users can now claim $25 from Apple’s ‘batterygate’ $500 million settlement

We previously reported that users affected by ‘batterygate’ might dip in Apple’s $500 million settlement and claim $25. Now, approximately four months later, claims are finally being accepted, and affected users are invited to claim their share from the class action lawsuit. It is relatively easy to submit a claim but first we suggest you c
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Apple’s latest updates are out for iPhones and Macs – get them now!

byPaul DucklinWhen it comes to updates, Apple doesn’t do “predictable”.Other organisations such as Microsoft, Mozilla and Adobe are well-known for publishing updates not only frequently but also regularly.Indeed, with those companies, you don’t just get updates at least once a month (or once every four weeks for Mozilla), but the pre-
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