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iXintpwn/YJSNPI Abuses iOS’s Config Profile, can Crash Devices

by Hara Hiroaki, Higashi Yuka, Ju Zhu, and Moony Li While iOS devices generally see relatively fewer threats because of the platform’s walled garden approach in terms of how apps are installed, it’s not entirely unbreachable. We saw a number of threats that successfully scaled the walls in 2016, from those that abused enterprise certificates to ones th
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6 Million Celebrities Instagram High-Profiles Data available for sale on DoxaGram

Doxagram website claims to be selling the email addresses and phone numbers of 6M High-Profiles Instagram accounts ranging from POTUS to Taylor Swift. The story began with the hack of the Selena Gomez Instagram account, a hacker hijacked it and published three nude photos of Justin Bieber. A few days later, it was reported a vulnerability in the Instagram
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Hackers exploited an Instagram flaw access celebrity profile data

An Instagram flaw allowed hackers to access profile information for high-profile users, the incident was confirmed by the company. Instagram has recently suffered a possibly serious data breach with hackers gaining access to the phone numbers and email addresses for many “high-profile” users. Hackers recently accessed personal information of R
Publish At:2017-08-31 16:20 | Read:148 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Apple brute force celebrities iCloud i

Selena Gomez Instagram hacked! Hackers post Bieber nude photos

Selena Gomez Instagram account has reportedly been hacked. Nude photos of singer Justin Bieber have been published by hackers. Unknown hackers have compromised the Instagram account owned by Selena Gomez and posted nude photographs of her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber. Source Tribune.com The hack doesn’t seem to be associated with the recent Fappening 201
Publish At:2017-08-30 21:15 | Read:225 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Apple brute force celebrities iCloud i

Zimperium researcher released an iOS Kernel Exploit PoC

Zimperium Researcher Adam Donenfeld released an iOS Kernel Exploit PoC that can be used to gain full control of iOS mobile devices. Researcher Adam Donenfeld of mobile security firm Zimperium published a Proof-of-concept (PoC) for recently patched iOS vulnerabilities that can be chained to gain full control of iOS mobile devices. The expert called the PoC ex
Publish At:2017-08-28 14:00 | Read:321 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Mobile Apple iOS Kernel Exploit kernel

Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, and others leaked

Fappening 2017 – Private pictures of Miley Cyrus, Stella Maxwell, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have been posted online by a celebrity leak website. It has happened again, another wave of Fappening makes the headlines. Once again celebrities have been targeted by crooks, and unfortunately, they continue to ignore security fundamentals.
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iOS 11 in the Enterprise: Get Your iPads Ready

While some are in back-to-school mode and others are getting ready for football, we’re gearing up for the latest mobile operating systems to hit the market. With the Apple iOS 11 release right around the corner, the time is now for IT and security leaders to zero in on their Apple iOS management strategy to prepare for the myriad changes set to affec
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Hacker published the decryption key for the Apple Secure Enclave security chip

A hacker Thursday afternoon published what he claims to be the decryption key for Apple iOS’ Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) firmware. The Apple Secure Enclave is an ARM-based coprocessor that enhances iOS security, but on Thursday a hacker published what he says is the decryption key for Apple iOS’ Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) firmware. According to Apple 
Publish At:2017-08-18 14:30 | Read:295 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Hacking Apple Apple Secure Enclave decryption

MUGHTHESEC, a signed Mac adware that hijacks the victim’s browser for profit

Experts spotted a new signed Mac adware dubbed MUGHTHESEC that hijacks victim’s browser for profit and can be removed only reinstalling the OS. According to the expert Patrick Wardle, Director of Research at Synack, a new strain of Mac adware is threatening Mac users, once infected a machine the only way to remove it is to reinstall the macOS. The rese
Publish At:2017-08-13 23:35 | Read:276 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber Crime Malware adware Apple Mac malware M

Flash Player is Dead, Long Live Flash Player!

Adobe last week detailed plans to retire its Flash Player software, a cross-platform browser plugin so powerful and so packed with security holes that it has become the favorite target of malware developers. To help eradicate this ubiquitous liability, Adobe is enlisting the help of Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla. But don’t break out th
Publish At:2017-08-02 22:00 | Read:270 | Comments:0 | Tags:Other adobe apple Benjamin Smedberg exploit kits Facebook Fl

Apple removed iOS VPN apps from Chinese App Store in compliance to censorship law

In compliance with Chinese Internet monitoring law, Apple has started removing all IOS VPN apps from it App Store in China. The company complies with a request from the Chinese Government that wants to strict censorship making it harder for netizens to bypass the Great Firewall system (aka Golden Shield project). The Golden Shield project allows China to c
Publish At:2017-07-30 11:50 | Read:392 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Digital ID Laws and regulations Apple Censorsh

Does Apple Watch 3 have a chance against the competition?

Apple’s latest smartwatch is expected to hit the shelves early next year, and even though now it is midsummer, the rumors around the product have already begun circulating. Some of the top rumors for Apple’s Series 3 watch suggest that cellular integration will finally arrive for Apple watches. Speculators also mention the latest edition of the product is ve
Publish At:2017-07-27 11:30 | Read:264 | Comments:0 | Tags:Technology Apple iwatch smartwatch

The Promise of a Unified App Catalog for the Enterprise

Applications can improve the way we get through the day. There are apps for shopping, getting to your next destination, staying abreast of the latest news, keeping in touch with loved ones — no matter what you need, chances are there’s an app for it. It’s no different for enterprises. Apps have helped revolutionize entire industries and have beco
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#Vault7: CIA Pandemic implant turns file servers into malware infectors

Wikileaks released a new lot of documents belonging to the Vault7 dump that details the CIA project codenamed ‘Pandemic implant’ Wikileaks released a new batch of documents belonging to the Vault7 archive related to the CIA project codenamed ‘Pandemic.’ RELEASE: CIA 'Pandemic' Windows infection malware documentation #Vault7 h
Publish At:2017-06-02 06:56 | Read:473 | Comments:0 | Tags:Breaking News Cyber warfare Data Breach Intelligence Malware

WikiLeaks revealed CIA Athena Spyware, the malware that targets all Windows versions

Wikileaks released the documentation for the Athena Spyware, a malware that could infect and remote control almost any Windows machine. Last Friday, Wikileaks released the documentation for AfterMidnight and Assassin malware platforms, today the organization leaked a new batch of the CIA Vault 7 dump that includes the documentation related to a spyware frame
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