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Elaborate Scam App Impersonates Leading Asian Bank; Victims Duped into ‘Investing’

Campaign is still active and growing; second bank app identified Zimperium, in collaboration with a leading Asian bank, have uncovered the early stages of a coordinated effort by scammers to defraud existing and new bank customers. In this blog, we will: Alert the general public about the scam before it gains traction;  Outline the entire scam around the f
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Automate Mobile Application Security Testing from Jenkins

Mobile apps require continuous testing throughout the development process to ensure proper compliance and security measures are in place. If you are using Jenkins continuous integration server in your pipeline, continually testing your mobile app builds is simple with Zimperium’s mobile application security testing platform, zScan. Here we will descri
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Millions Stolen from US and EU Banks Could’ve Been Prevented

Millions stolen from US and EU banks could’ve been prevent. According to a recent Ars Technica article, “Researchers from IBM Trusteer say they’ve uncovered a massive fraud operation that used a network of mobile device emulators to drain millions of dollars from online bank accounts in a matter of days. “The scale of the operation was unlike anything
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Mobile Security Predicted to be Fasted Growing Security Segment in 2021

According to Analysys Mason’s predictions for business connectivity, communications, IoT and security in 2021, mobile device security will be the fastest growing cyber-security category.  In its predictions, Analysys Mason – a global consulting and research firm specializing in telecom, media and technology – said, “COVID-19 has highlighted the
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3 Mobile App Security Recommendations for National App Day

On December 11, 2017, Platinum Edge Media and its founder CJ Thompson created National App Day as a way to celebrate how apps have inspired us and changed our culture. The Registrar at National Day Calendar went on to proclaim National App Day to be observed annually.We can’t truly appreciate the impact that apps have on our lives without an idea of ho
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How to Transform From DevOps to DevSecOps

DevOps is a mindset as well as a business tactic. It’s a cultural shift that merges operations with development and employs a linked toolchain to create change. In turn, DevSecOps seeks to merge security into DevOps. This can be helpful for a business seeking both rapid and secure growth. Transforming your DevOps to DevSecOps can be challenging. Howev
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IBM Works With Cisco to Exorcise Ghosts From Webex Meetings

COVID-19 has changed the way many people work, as organizations have shifted to remote work to slow the spread. In early May, more than 100 million Americans were working from home, creating an increased need for remote collaboration tools like video conferencing. The use of Webex grew 451% between Feb. 17 and June 14 2020. At its peak, Webex hosted as many
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Top 3 Ways to Protect Microsoft Teams on BYO Mobile Devices

During a recent webinar on the Top Five Mobile Security Stories of a Crazy 2020, I listed my number one story around COVID-19 creating a situation unlike anything any of us have ever seen; yet one that will likely leave permanent changes in remote working and learning.  With the overnight shift towards entire workforces working remotely from home, on all va
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Mobile Pen Testing’s Secret Weapon: Continuous & Automated Scanning

This is the first of a two part series examining the different audiences benefiting from Zimperium’s zScan. This blog looks at pen testers. The second blog looks at enterprises developing mobile apps themselves or by third-party developers.    Companies providing mobile penetration testing or “pen testing” are keeping busy these days. More than two-thirds o
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Focusing on the Fundamentals of Network Security

IBM X-Force has reported a huge increase in COVID-19-related spam. Malicious domains have also rapidly expanded during the first quarter of 2020.  Focus on Security Fundamentals   One of the key fundamental approaches for security is to ensure your security team can identify, investigate and respond to threats. We recommend mining network
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TikTok… TikTok… It’s Time to Address the Privacy and Security Risks of All Mobile Apps

The U.S. is “looking at” banning TikTok and other Chinese social media apps, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News on Monday. This comes on the heels of TikTok and other “questionable” apps being taken down from Apple’s App Store and Google Play in India. The India Ministry of Information Technology said in a release that it has decided to block 59 a
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Mobile App Security vs. Web App Security | How They Differ

Mobile Apps Are Different Than Web Apps; Mobile and Web App Security Must Be Different Too From a security perspective, almost every company invests in technology to protect their organization’s network, resources, websites and data. Even given the fast-expanding attack surface that mobile, IoT and other technologies are driving, many enterprises are
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Top Mobile Finance Apps Consistently Failing Security and Data Privacy Tests

iOS and Android apps fail coding best practices, are susceptible to reverse engineering, and share sensitive user data  Executive Summary Top banks and mobile payment providers are putting their customers at risk for security and privacy by failing to adhere to coding best practices and continuing to share sensitive customer data with advertisers. According
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Securing Our Mobile Banking App

I recently talked with Julian Hall, senior vice president of enterprise architecture and application development at Security Service Federal Credit Union, to discuss what steps he and his team took in securing his credit union’s digital channels. Julian has more than 30 years of software industry experience and has been with Security Service for the la
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3 Reasons Security is Foundational for Mobile App Development

On any given day, I’ll read at least one article about an enterprise release of a new app. I’ll also see many more that I just don’t have time to read. I have noticed that certain themes recur across the articles–more on that in a moment. But I have also noticed one glaring absence. What I am not seeing is attention to mobile app security. From one pe
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