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Are Cash Transfer Apps Safe to Use? Here’s What Your Family Needs to Know

I can’t recall the last time I gave my teenage daughter cash for anything. If she needs money for gas, I Venmo it. A Taco Bell study break with the roommates? No problem. With one click, I transfer money from my Venmo account to hers. She uses a Venmo credit card to make her purchase. To this mom, cash apps may be the best thing to happen to parenting
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What exactly is a mobile ______ attack?

Mobile devices contain or have access to the same information as traditional endpoints. While billions of dollars have been spent protecting and securing traditional endpoints, very little has been invested to protect mobile device endpoints. Attackers work on the same model as any other business: where do they get the greatest return on their investment of
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When to Use In-App Protection

There are more than 5 million apps in the app stores. Most of these apps fit into the gaming, business, education, lifestyle, entertainment, and utility app categories. Some of these apps have access to and contain highly sensitive data and require in-app protection and security to defend against real-time cyberattacks. This security is in addition to securi
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The Clicking Bot Applications

Cyber crime, like any crime, has its motives; each malware has its own malicious profit. Spyware spies on you. Ransomware demands a ransom to decrypt your private digital data. Phishing Malware phishes for your username, password or account numbers. Installation-fraud achieves fake software installations. Ad fraud fraudulently represents online advertisement
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Charger, the Most Costly Ransomware to Smartphone Users

Ransomware is evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated, posing a greater threat to companies and private users alike. This malicious software has shown that it can propagate by using the viral mechanisms of a meme, that it can directly attack corporate servers, or even camouflage itself in false resumes. And now it has made its way to other devices,
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Application Security Testing: Resurgence of DAST for SDLC Integration and Scan Automation

Dynamic analysis security testing (DAST) works like a hacker-in-a-box, so to speak, by exploring and testing web applications and services via HTTP and HTTPS. DAST is one of the oldest automated application security testing (AST) techniques, tracing its roots to the mid-1990s. Since it interacts with live web applications and web services and automates hacke
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Mirror, Mirror: Using Self-Protection to Boost App Security

Last week while reading to my toddler, I came across the story of “Snow White,” in which the evil queen consults a magic mirror to find her greatest threat, the fairest person in the land. While my kid fell asleep — probably due to my effective storytelling technique — I kept thinking about why the queen would want to identify that threat. The an
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10 Application Security Testing Resources You Should Master and Share With Your Executive Team in 2017

Application Security Testing Takeaways From 2016 In my current role, I have the pleasure of routinely hearing our clients’ direct feedback regarding the application security issues they face. Across the board, they consistently refer to three main areas of concern: Securing executive buy-in and funding for major IT initiatives; Spending most of their
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Analysis of multiple vulnerabilities in AirDroid

By: Simone Margaritelli Follow Simone Margaritelli (@evilsocket)    Zimperium zLabs   Follow Zimperium zLabs (@zLabsProject) Analysis of multiple vulnerabilities in AirDroid Reported by: Simone Margaritelli Security Researcher at Zimperium zLabs Background AirDroid is a popular remote management tool for Android. It has an
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Pokémon Go: the Security Cost of Catching ’em All

For the past two weeks, full-grown adults, college students and children have all been roaming around the country in search of Pokémon (gotta catch ’em all, right?). This augmented reality mobile phenomenon has removed people from their home and encouraged them to explore their neighborhoods, but catching them all has come at a cost: beyond the physical issu
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Mobile Banking Apps Are a Valuable Asset

Mobile banking is a killer mobile app. We can now easily move money from one account to another to pay bills, credit vendors and send cash to friends and family. In previous years these transactions required tellers, checks and nightly batch runs in the bank’s back office. Now with the ubiquity of mobile banking, customers expect this to happen at a moment’s
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Mobile Device Management to Security: “I’m Not Dead Yet!”

“I can’t find my phone. It’s either inside a Hogwarts backpack at my son’s school, Penn Station in New York or traveling at 30,000 feet and accruing a ton of frequent flier miles.” How does a support call like this still account for 32 percent of mobile security incidents in 2015? Aren’t we in the age of apps? Isn’t
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Dating Apps and Corporate Directories: Dr. Sleuthe Eistheimer’s New Social Security Productivity Powered by Grumpy Cat

Apps store countless types of information about our lives, both personal and professional. According to renowned Internet-accredited work/life specialist Dr. Sleuthe Eistheimer, the information is being wasted at the corporate level. “Apps have become the new software, but at a much more miniaturized level… and connected to the Internet,” h
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Q&A: Assessing and Addressing Enterprise App Security

As app use rapidly matures and moves into the enterprise to share all data across all devices, attacks on mobile have grown just as exponentially in volume and scale. The top apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play have seen significant cyberattacks, with 87 percent of iOS’s and 97 percent of Android’s top 100 paid apps victimized by hacks. W
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Mobile Ad Networks Puncture Your Personal Defenses

Tired of pesky ads popping up while you’re using your favorite mobile apps? That should be the least of your worries. As it turns out, mobile ad networks and affiliate programs are unknowingly advertising much more than they bargained for. In fact, the code used by advertisers and other third parties for mobile tracking can be exploited to provide attackers
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