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Hurry up,fix the CVE-2016-5425 privilege escalation flaw in Apache Tomcat

The security research Dawid Golunski reported a Root Privilege Escalation in the Apache Tomcat (RedHat-based distros) tracked as CVE-2016-5425. Apache Tomcat packages provided by default repositories of RedHat-based distributions (i.e. CentOS, RedHat, OracleLinux, Fedora, etc.) create a tmpfiles.d configuration file with insecure permissions. The configurati
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Apache Warns of Tomcat Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

Some older versions of the open source Apache Tomcat web server and servlet container, are vulnerable to remote code execution.In what Mark Thomas, a longtime Apache Tomcat committer, calls “limited circumstances,” a user could upload malicious JavaServer Pages (JSP) to a server running Tomcat, and then later trigger the execution of that JSP. JSP shells can
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