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5 Unique Online Scams and How to Defend Against Them

The possibility of an online scam can be an ever-changing problem for individuals and businesses. If someone clicks on a virus-laden email while employed in a data-heavy business, their stolen data could lead to a compromise to the business overall. Because of this, knowing what your employees might encounter in their day to day is also part of internal cyb
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‘Just tell me how to fix my computer:’ a crash course on malware detection

Malware. You’ve heard the term before, and you know it’s bad for your computer—like a computer virus. Which begs the question: Do the terms “malware” and “computer virus” mean the same thing? How do you know if your computer is infected with malware? Is “malware detection” just a fancy phrase for antivirus? For that matter, are anti-malware
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Stealthy new Android malware poses as ad blocker, serves up ads instead

Since its discovery less than a month ago, a new Trojan malware for Android we detect as Android/Trojan.FakeAdsBlock has already been seen on over 500 devices, and it’s on the rise. This nasty piece of mobile malware cleverly hides itself on Android devices while serving up a host of advertisements: full-page ads, ads delivered when opening the default brows
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Healthcare, IoT, and security marketing

Healthcare, IoT, and security marketing Posted by David Harley on June 24, 2016.I’ve grown blasé about the way that some sectors of the security industry badmouth mainstream antimalware in a bid to capture some of that market. And, believe it or not, I don’t have a problem
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Banking Protection – how does it work?

Security products are usually protecting you silently in the background. Until they encounter something malicious, that is. But there is one exception. You may have seen a banner in the upper part of the screen when visiting sites dealing with money. That’s our Banking Protection kicking in. It’s available in both Internet Security and our brand new SAFE. Le
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4 Things to Consider When Assessing Device Posture for Effective Network Access Control

By Benny Czarny One of the main reasons to have a NAC (Network Access Control) system in place is to keep risky devices from connecting to your organization’s network. Unfortunately, simply purchasing a NAC solution is not going to guarantee your protection. You will also need to consider several other elements in addition to acquiring an NAC solution, inclu
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Vonteera Adware Uses Certificates to Disable Anti-Malware

Vonteera is an adware family that has been around for years. They stand out from the rest because of their very intrusive changes to the affected systems, which is why you will see them classified as Trojan by some anti-malware solutions. Recently, they added a new trick to their arsenal: using system certificates to disable anti-malware and anti-virus softw
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Three Reasons Why Anti-Virus Alone is No Longer Enough

So many home, and even business users, are complacent about the level of protection they are currently receiving from their traditional anti-virus (AV) software. I have real-time protection in my AV!  That’s enough, right? Nope. Not any more. The malware ecosystem has changed drastically in the past 10 years, to the point that the old precautions are j
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Still critical of the AV industry… after all these years

Still critical of the AV industry… after all these years Posted by Kevin on August 8, 2015.David Harley has written an excellent paper published in Virus Bulletin: Hype heuristics, signatures and the death of AV (again). If you haven’t read it, I thoroughly recommend it: it
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Introducing Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Mac

My name is Thomas Reed, and I’m the former owner of The Safe Mac and creator of the anti-adware program AdwareMedic. I got my start in the Mac world early, in 1984, on the first Mac. When I began using Mac OS X, I believed that there was no Mac OS X malware, but then almost 10 years ago, those illusions were shattered. Thus began my interest in Mac sec
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Techies rejoice, we’re partnering up with LabTech

Malwarebytes is partnering up with LabTech Software to integrate our awesome endpoint solutions with LabTech’s powerful platform. LabTech boasts more than 4,600 partners and four million agents sold. Founded in 2004, LabTech offers a world-leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform developed by a managed service provider (MSP) for managed servic
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Booby-trapped Hugo Boss Advert Spreads Cryptowall Ransomware

Malicious advertising attacks (malvertising) have been plaguing mainstream sites and their visitors a lot these past few years. While some are easy to spot and get rid of, others tend to be much more sophisticated and hard to shine light on. On Saturday 11th, we discovered a malicious advert that was displayed on huffingtonpost.com as well as other popular s
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Yet Another Cleaner, Yet Another Stealer

Recently, we discovered that a relatively popular “anti-malware” product known as “Yet Another Cleaner” or YAC for short, has been claiming to be an affiliate of Malwarebytes in addition to using a lot of our detection names as their own. We looked deeper into their operation and found some pretty amazing and ugly things. The Good 
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Tech Support scammers rip big brand security software with fake warnings

Just when we thought we had seen it all, scammers come out with an elaborate and clever scheme to trick users into calling for bogus tech support. If you are looking to download one of the popular antivirus or anti-malware product on the market, watch out before you click. Lookalike pages Fraudsters have set up fake download pages that look incredibly like t
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Virtual computer, real security

There are many ways to keep your computer secure. Your own behavior affects it a lot and we at F-Secure are happy to help protecting you with our products. But there are also many tools that can improve your security even if that wasn’t their initial purpose. Melissa and Sean described how you can use separate browsers to lower the risk for human errors. Vir
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