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Anonymous Hackers Threaten Israel with 'Electronic-Holocaust' on 7th April

The famous cyber hacker group Anonymous has vowed an 'Electronic Holocaust' against Israel in response to what the group calls 'crimes in the Palestinian territories'.In a spooky video "message to Israel" posted on YouTube March 4, Anonymous declared yet another cyber attack on April 7, which is one week before Holocaust Remembrance day. Totally in news de
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Hacktivist Group Anonymous (#OpISIS) Takes Down Islamic State (ISIS) Social Media Accounts

The hacktivist group Anonymous has launched a massive cyber attack against Islamic State (ISIS) terror group, who were also responsible for the terrorist attack against the Paris offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.In a video appeared on Youtube, Anonymous group and RedCult announced the operation #OpISIS and claimed t
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Lizard Squad vs Anonymous — 'PlayStation, Xbox and Tor Network' Attacks

It was the sad Christmas day for gamers all around the world!! A lot of people get new PlayStations and Xboxes on Christmas, but this Christmas they bought the game, popped it into the console for online gaming, and what they found? Oh Crap! I can't log on. It was the notorious hacker group "Lizard Squad" who claimed the responsibility for taking down PlaySt
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Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government in Revenge for 'Pirate Bay' Takedown

An online "hacktivist" group that calls itself Anonymous has claimed responsibility for hacking into email accounts of Swedish government in response to the seizure of world renowned The Pirate Bay website and server by Swedish police last week.Apart from Sweden government officials, the Anonymous hacktivist group also claimed to have hacked into the governm
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Anonymous Hackers Claim to Identify the Cop Who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson

Members of the international hacker collective Anonymous have claimed they have identified the Ferguson, Missouri law enforcement officer involved in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed teenager killed on Saturday, which sparked days of protest and raised racial tensions.The hacktivist collective said Wednesday in a tweet that it was holding back
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Anonymous Group Takes Down Mossad's Website Over Gaza Conflict

The hacktivist group Anonymous has reportedly taken down the official website of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad against Israel’s military incursion in Gaza, which has resulted in hundreds of civilian casualties. The government of Israel has yet to comment on the Mossad hack attack.The ‘Hacktivists’ were able to take down MossadR
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