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Experts spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, the spyware allegedly used by French Intelligence

Malware researchers at Palo Alto Networks have spotted a 2007 variant of Babar, a strain of malware likely designed by the French Intelligence. In March 2015, researchers detected Babar for the first time, analysis led them into believing it was a product of the French intelligence. According to the experts, Babar malware was used by the General Directorate
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Dino Malware that targeting Iran belong to Animal Farm’s arsenal

Researchers at ESET analyzed the Dino malware confirming that the sophisticated espionage platform belongs to the arsenal of the Animal Farm APT. Security experts at ESET have analyzed Dino, a sophisticated platform used by the Animal Farm ATP group. Earlier this year, security researchers discovered two powerful malware, dubb
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Animals in the APT Farm

In 2014, researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered and reported on three zero-days that were being used in cyberattacks in the wild. Two of these zero-day vulnerabilities are associated with an advanced threat actor we call Animal Farm. Over the past few years, Animal Farm has targeted a wide range of global organizations. Victims include: Government organ
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