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A fresh massive AdGholas Malvertising campaign infects millions

Researchers at Proofpoint discovered a massive AdGholas Malvertising Campaign infecting as many as 1 million computers per day with several banking trojans. A new massive AdGholas malvertising network discovered by experts at Proofpoint has been infecting as many as 1 million computers per day with several banking trojans. AdGholas operators have been active
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Lurk cybercrime Gang developed, maintained and rent the Angler EK

Experts from Kaspersky Lab confirmed that the Lurk cybercrime Gang developed, maintained and rent the infamous Angler Exploit Kit. Security experts from Kaspersky Lab have confirmed that the Lurk cybercrime group are the author of the infamous Angler exploit kit. The members of the Lurk cybercrime crew were arrested by Russian law enforcement this summer, ac
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Afraidgate campaign switches from CryptXXX to Locky Ransomware

Operators behind the Afraidgate campaign continue to leverage on Neutrino EK, but switches from CryptXXX to Locky Ransomware. According to the experts from Palo Alto Networks, one of the most long-lived hacking campaigns leveraging on the Neutrino EK switches from CryptXXX to the Locky Ransomware. The campaign dubbed Afraidgate due to the name of the gate do
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Exploit kit traffic drops by 96% since April, what is happening?

The exploit kit landscape is rapidly changing,the Angler and Nuclear EK disappeared and overall malicious traffic drops by 96% since April. As highlighted by security experts the threat landscape is in continuous evolution, despite the criminal underground was monopolized by Angler and Nuclear exploit kits for several years other EKs represent a serious thre
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CTB-Locker for Websites is spreading in the wild

The experts at BleepingComputer reported a new strain of CTB-Locker for Websites, a new ransomware that mainly targets WordPress sites. Ransomware continues to threaten users worldwide, today we discussed German Hospitals paralyzed by the malware.  TeslaCrypt, Cryptowall and Locky are the names of the most popular ransomware that already infected millions ma
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Operators behind Angler Exploit Kit included CryptoWall 4.0

The latest variant of CryptoWall 4.0, one of the most popular and dangerous ransomware threats, has been recently added to the infamous Angler Exploit Kit. In my 2016 Cyber Security Predictions, I have predicted the criminal practices of the extortion will reach levels never seen before. Cyber criminals will threaten victims w
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New Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Version Is Out!

We have just released Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit 1.07. This latest version brings in some new features, improvements and bug fixes. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uses a combination of one enforcement layer and three protection layers to block attacks. In this version, we have added new mitigation techniques to stop threats earlier during the exploitation phase. L
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Exploit Kit authors give up on Malwarebytes users

It is a well-known fact that malware authors try really hard to avoid security researchers and their analysis tools. For instance, many binaries have anti VM features and will behave differently if they detect that they are running in a non genuine environment. Exploit kits also perform similar tricks despite some limitations since they are browser based. Ka
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Older Keen Team Use-After-Free IE Exploit Added to Angler Exploit Kit

Attackers behind the Angler Exploit Kit have added a tweaked version of an exploit for a patched Internet Explorer use-after-free vulnerability.Microsoft patched the vulnerability (MS14-056) in last October’s round of Patch Tuesday updates but that hasn’t stopped attackers from adding the vulnerability to the exploit toolkit. Similar to exploits
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Flash Player 0-Day Vulnerability Jolts Rushed Update

Adobe Systems has released updates to its Flash Player software to correct a 0-day vulnerability (CVE-2015-0310) that is being exploited in the wild by an attack tool called the Angler Exploit Kit. These updates are available for Mac, Windows and Linux, and address a security hole that “could be used to circumvent memory randomization mitigations on the Wind
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Zero-day Flash vulnerability delivered by Angler

Zero-day Flash vulnerability delivered by Angler The Angler exploit kit has, according to Cisco’s latest report, replaced Blackhole as the kit of choice for the bad guys:Cisco Security Research attributes Angler’s popularity to the decision by its author(s) to eliminate the requi
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Your free adult toy is the Angler EK

Your free adult toy is the Angler EK Demonstrating the continuous intellectual battle between cyber attackers and security researchers, Malwarebytes has an interesting post on a newly found malvertising sample.Bad-adThe ad, featuring tiny-toyz.com, is placed by the agency AdXpansion &#
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ITsecurity Daily News: 09/01/2014

ITsecurity Daily News: 09/01/2014 The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Monday, September 1, 2014.If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com.NewsPapers/Repo
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