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TrickBot Pushing a 2FA Bypass App to Bank Customers in Germany

IBM X-Force researchers recently analyzed an Android malware app that’s likely being pushed to infected users by the TrickBot Trojan. This app, dubbed “TrickMo” by our team, is designed to bypass strong authentication methods that bank customers use when they need to authorize a transaction. Though it’s not the first of its kind, this
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Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report is a wary first step

Reading through Google’s first quarterly Android Ecosystem Security Transparency Report feels like a mix of missed opportunities and déjà vu all over again. Much of what is in the new Android ecosystem security report is data that has been part of Google’s annual Android Security Year in Review report, including the rates of potentially harmful a
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O Me, O My! Android O and Its Impact on the Enterprise

As the summer winds down, the next big wave of mobile OS updates is upon us — a seasonal trend that brings about excitement and positive change for both consumers and security leaders. With Google Android O version 8.0 set for imminent release, we’ve lined up some new features to look out for in the context of the mobile enterprise to ensure that you
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9 Popular Password Manager Apps Found Leaking Your Secrets

Is anything safe? It's 2017, and the likely answer is NO.Making sure your passwords are secure is one of the first line of defense – for your computer, email, and information – against hacking attempts, and Password Managers are the one recommended by many security experts to keep all your passwords secure in one place.Password Managers are softwar
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Going Inside an Arbitrary Kernel Write Vulnerability in the Nexus 9 (CVE-2016-3873)

The IBM X-Force Application Security Research Team recently discovered an arbitrary write vulnerability in Nexus 9’s kernel (the Tegra kernel branch). Google’s Android Security Team acknowledged the vulnerability, which allows a privileged attacker to arbitrary write values within kernel space, and assigned it a high severity rating. Kernel arbit
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Android Vulnerabilities: Attacking Nexus 6 and 6P Custom Boot Modes

Co-authored by Michael Goberman. In recent months, the X-Force Application Security Research Team has discovered several previously undisclosed Android vulnerabilities. The November 2016 and January 2017 Android Security Bulletins included patches to one high-severity vulnerability, CVE-2016-8467, in Nexus 6 and 6P. Our new paper, “Attacking Nexus 6 &a
Publish At:2017-01-05 22:25 | Read:6249 | Comments:0 | Tags:Advanced Threats Mobile Security Software & App Vulnerabilit

Avoiding the Technology Upgrade? Don’t Dodge Security

Consumers love new technology. New iterations of iPhones or brand-specific Androids are embraced by devotees looking to analyze the latest features, dissect any potential flaws and conduct entirely biased comparisons to determine which device is best. Beyond the high-profile advertising that accompanies emerging tech, however, is the underlying software upda
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Google Patches Another Critical Mediaserver Vulnerability

Since last summer’s Stagefright vulnerabilities toppled the Android world for a few weeks, researchers inside and out of Google have been taking a close look at not only the maligned media playback engine, but also at Mediaserver where it lives.Today’s release of the monthly Android Nexus Security Bulletin includes patches for another critical vu
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Google Updates Chrome, Extends Safe Browsing to Chrome for Android

Google yesterday released an update for the Chrome browser that patches seven vulnerabilities and also updates Adobe Flash Player. It also announced that Google Safe Browsing has been extended to Chrome for Android.The Chrome browser update is the second in less than a week; on Dec 1, Chrome 47 was released and 41 vulnerabilities were patched. Yesterday
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Google Patches Critical Android Mediaserver Vulnerability

Google has patched another critical Android vulnerability in Mediaserver, which has been maligned since this summer’s barrage of patches for the Stagefright vulnerability, along with a critical rooting vulnerability in the mobile operating system’s kernel.In all, 19 vulnerabilities were patched in Monday’s monthly over-the-air security upda
Publish At:2015-12-09 06:15 | Read:2987 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Mobile Security Vulnerabilities Android Android patch

Shuanet Adware Rooting Android Devices Via Trojanized Apps

A new strain of adware buried in repackaged popular Android applications is able to root devices and earn its keepers a tidy $2 per installation.Shuanet behaves more like malware and shares some heritage with two other adware families—Kemoge and Shedun—that also root devices and give their respective payloads system-level persistence. Between the three str
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Google Project Zero Turns Over 11 Bugs in Galaxy S6 Edge

Google’s Nexus Android devices are considered the most secure by default since they’re guaranteed to receive all security patches for vulnerabilities found internally and those disclosed by third parties.Google’s Project Zero research team, however, decided to expand its reach and test the waters with one of its biggest OEM partners in Sams
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Monthly Android Security Update Patches More Stagefright Vulnerabilities

The Stagefright vulnerabilities are the gifts that keep on giving.Months after the potentially devastating security flaws in the mobile OS were publicly disclosed, Google continues to send out patches addressing vulnerabilities related to the initial reports. Today’s monthly Android security bulletin, the fourth since Google announced at Black Hat th
Publish At:2015-11-03 03:50 | Read:3394 | Comments:0 | Tags:Google Mobile Security Vulnerabilities Android Android month

Malicious Android App Impersonates Microsoft Word Doc

A new strain of Android malware has taken a decidedly old-school approach to infecting mobile devices.Researchers at security company Zscaler said they spotted several hundred new infections since Oct. 10, primarily targeting Android users in China. The malware arrives impersonating a Microsoft Word document carrying the familiar “W” logo, but is
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Researchers Find 85 Percent of Android Devices Insecure

Roughly 85 percent of Android devices been exposed to one of 13 critical vulnerabilities that plague the operating system – and because of a chronic failure by carriers to issue patches, many linger without getting fixed for far too long, researchers said.Especially in the wake of Stagefright, the disparity between how carriers apply Android patches has been
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