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Google Introduces DNS-over-HTTP/3 in Android

Google this week announced the rollout of DNS-over-HTTP/3 (DoH3) for Android 11 and newer devices.An encrypted DNS protocol, DoH3 is expected to provide performance and safety improvements compared to alternatives, mainly through the QUIC transport layer network protocol.By default, even for encrypted connections, DNS lookups are not private – the base DNS p
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More malware-infested apps found in the Google Play store

Three million Android users may have lost money and had their devices infected by spyware, after the discovery that the official Google Play store has been distributing apps infected by a new family of malware.French security researcher Maxime Ingrao described last week on Twitter how he had discovered the new malware, named “Autolycos”, and how
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Malicious Android apps with 300K installs found on Google Play

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered three Android malware families infiltrating the Google Play Store, hiding their malicious payloads inside many seemingly innocuous applications.The malicious activities suffered by users who installed the malware apps included stolen data, social media account takeovers, SMS interception, and unauthorized charges to
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Google catches Turla hackers deploying Android malware in Ukraine

Google's Threat Analysis Group (TAG), whose primary goal is to defend Google users from state-sponsored attacks, said today that Russian-backed threat groups are still focusing their attacks on Ukrainian organizations.In a report regarding recent cyber activity in Eastern Europe, Google TAG security engineer Billy Leonard revealed that hackers part of the Tu
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Android and iOS Users Targeted in Malware, Phishing Attacks Conducted by Roaming Mantis Threat Actor

Following attacks on users of Android and iOS in the US, Taiwan, South Korea, Germany, Japan, and the UK, the Roaming Mantis campaign turned its attention to French users, possibly impacting tens of thousands of devices.Security experts think that Roaming Mantis is a financially-motivated Chinese cybercrime group that began attacking individuals living in Eu
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Roaming Mantis hits Android and iOS users in malware, phishing attacks

After hitting Germany, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the US, and the U.K. the Roaming Mantis operation moved to targeting Android and iOS users in France, likely compromising tens of thousands of devices.Roaming Mantis is believed to be a financially-motivated threat actor that started targeting European users in February.In a recently observed campa
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New variant of Android SpyJoker malware removed from Play Store after 3 million+ installs

Security researcher Maxime Ingrao has found a new variant of Android/Trojan.Spy.Joker which he’s dubbed Autolycos. Malware in this family secretly subscribes users to premium services. The researcher noted that the eight applications that contained this malware had racked up a total of over 3 million downloads. Toll fraud malware Toll fraud malwa
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New Android malware on Google Play installed 3 million times

A new Android malware family on the Google Play Store that secretly subscribes users to premium services was downloaded over 3,000,000 times.The malware, named 'Autolycos,' was discovered by Evina's security researcher Maxime Ingrao to be in at least eight Android applications, two of which are still available on the Google Play Store at the time o
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WhatsApp warns users: Fake versions of WhatsApp are trying to steal your personal info

WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart is warning users of the popular messaging app to be on their guard after the WhatsApp Security Team discovered bogus apps packing a hidden punch in the form of malware. Outside the safety of the walled garden App stores do whatever they can to try and prevent bogus programs making it onto the storefront. While the majority o
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Windows 11 Subsystem for Android can now use VPN-assigned IPs

​Microsoft has released an update for the Windows Subsystem for Android, allowing all Windows 11 Insiders to use their VPN's IP address with Android apps.In May, Microsoft introduced a new 'Advanced Networking' feature to Windows 11 builds on the Dev channel, which made the Windows Subsystem for Android virtual machine and host share the same IP addres
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Microsoft Defender adds network protection for Android, iOS devices

Microsoft has introduced a new Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) feature in public preview to help organizations detect weaknesses affecting Android and iOS devices in their enterprise networks.After enabling the new Mobile Network Protection feature on Android and iOS devices you want to monitor, the enterprise endpoint security platform will provide pr
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How Android Users Are Deceived with the Help of Trojans

July 01, 2022 9 0 Author: Billie Walden How Android Users Are Deceived with the Help of Trojans Trojans are a common pain for all i
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Amazon Photos vulnerability could have given attackers access to user files and data

Amazon has patched a flaw in the Amazon Photos app which could have allowed an attacker to steal and use a user’s unique access token that verifies their identity across multiple Amazon APIs. That would give attackers access to a trove of information, since many of these APIs contain personal data, such as names, email addresses, and home addresses.
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Vulnerability in Amazon Photos Android App Exposed User Information

Cybersecurity firm Checkmarx has published details on a high-severity vulnerability in the Amazon Photos Android application that could have allowed malicious apps to steal an Amazon access token.With more than 50 million downloads, Amazon Photos offers cloud storage, allowing users to store photos and videos at their original quality, as well as to print an
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Flubot: the evolution of a notorious Android Banking Malware

Authored by Alberto Segura (main author) and Rolf Govers (co-author) Summary Flubot is an Android based malware that has been distributed in the past 1.5 years inEurope, Asia and Oceania affecting thousands of devices of mostly unsuspecting victims.Like the majority of Android banking malware, Flubot abuses Accessibility Permissions and Services in ord
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