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Instagram Android app is crashing for some, here's what to do

Instagram app has been crashing for some Android users this week, and it isn't clear why.This issue started happening around April 13th, 2021, when the Instagram app on Android devices received its latest update.Instagram app crashes on openingThis week Instagram app for Android received its latest update, to version this incide
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Android Trojans Infect APKPure and Huawei App Stores

Two new active and aggressive Android Trojan variants have been discovered in the wild, impacting users taking advantage of two alternatives, non-Google Play app stores (“third-party” app stores). The discoveries are examples of how malware can spread through other sources outside of Google Play, and highlight the importance of sideloading detection, on-dev
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Joker Android Trojan Lands in Huawei AppGallery App Store

Ten variants of the Joker Android Trojan managed to slip into the Huawei AppGallery app store and were downloaded by more than 538,000 users, according to new data from Russian anti-malware vendor Doctor Web.Also known as Bread, the Joker Trojan was first observed in 2017 when it was originally focused on SMS fraud. Last year, the malware was observed perfor
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Joker malware infects over 500,000 Huawei Android devices

More than 500,000 Huawei users have downloaded from the company’s official Android store applications infected with Joker malware that subscribes to premium mobile services.Researchers found ten seemingly harmless apps in AppGallery that contained code for connecting to malicious command and control server to receive configurations and additional compo
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Joker malware infected 538,000 Huawei Android devices

More than 500,000 Huawei users have been infected with the Joker malware after downloading apps from the company’s official Android store. More than 500,000 Huawei users were infected with the Joker malware after they have downloaded tainted apps from the company’s official Android store. The fight to the Joker malware (aka Bread) begun in September 20
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Android malware found embedded in APKPure store application

Security researchers found malware embedded within the official application of APKPure, a popular third-party Android app store and an alternative to Google's official Play Store.Android users use the application to install apps and games hosted on APKPure's platform, supposedly identical to those available through the Play Store.The malware was di
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Hackers compromised APKPure client to distribute infected Apps

APKPure, one of the largest alternative app stores, was the victim of a supply chain attack, threat actors compromised client version 3.17.18 to deliver malware. Multiple security experts discovered threat actors tampered with the APKPure client version 3.17.18 of the popular alternative third-party Android app store. APKPure is available only on devi
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Unofficial Android App Store APKPure Infected With Malware

The APKPure app store was infected with malware that can download Trojans to other Android devices, researchers report.APKPure, a popular alternative hub to download Android apps, was infected with malware that could be used to download Trojans to other Android devices, Kaspersky researchers report.Related Content:8 Security & Privacy Apps to Share With
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LG Promises Three Years of OS Updates for Premium Android Smartphones

South Korean tech giant LG this week announced that it will continue to provide operating system updates to users of its premium Android smartphones, for up to three years.Currently owning less than two percent of the mobile phone market and constantly losing ground over the past year, LG on Monday revealed plans to exit the smartphone business starting this
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Gigaset Android phones infected by malware via hacked update server

Owners of Gigaset Android phones have been repeatedly infected with malware since the end of March after threat actors compromised the vendor's update server in a supply-chain attack.Gigaset is a German manufacturer of telecommunications devices, including a series of smartphones running the Android operating system.Starting around March 27th, users suddenly
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Fake Netflix App Luring Android Users to Malware

Researchers Flag ‘FlixOnline’ as a Malicious Android Play Store App That Combines Social Engineering With WhatsApp Auto-Replies to PropagateResearchers have discovered new Android malware that uses Netflix as its lure and spreads malware via auto-replies to received WhatsApp messages.The discovery was reported to Google, and the malware – dubbed F
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Android malware infects wannabe Netflix thieves via WhatsApp

Newly discovered Android malware found on Google’s Play Store disguised as a Netflix tool is designed to auto-spread to other devices using WhatsApp auto-replies to incoming messages.Researchers at Check Point Research (CPR) discovered this new malware disguised as an app named FlixOnline and trying to lure potential victi
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Google Patches Critical Code Execution Vulnerability in Android

The April 2021 Android security bulletin published this week by Google describes more than 30 vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system, including a remote code execution flaw in the System component.Tracked as CVE-2021-0430 and affecting Android 10 and 11, the code execution vulnerability is deemed critical severity. The bug was patched as part of the
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Gigaset Android smartphones infected with malware after supply chain attack

A new supply chain attack made the headlines, threat actors compromised at least one update server of smartphone maker Gigaset to deliver malware. The German device maker Gigaset was the victim of supply chain attack, threat actors compromised at least one server of the company to deliver malware. Gigaset AG, formerly known as Siemens Home and Office
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Pre-installed auto installer threat found on Android mobile devices in Germany

Users primarily located in Germany are experiencing malware that downloads and installs on their Gigaset mobile devices—right out of the box! The culprit installing these malware apps is the Update app, package name com.redstone.ota.ui, which is a pre-installed system app. This app is not only the mobile device’s system updater, but also an Auto Install
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