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Remotely Disabling a Wireless Burglar Alarm

By Andrew Zonenberg @azonenbergCountless movies feature hackers remotely turning offsecurity systems in order to infiltrate buildings without being noticed. Buthow realistic are these depictions? Time to find out.Today we’re releasing information on a critical securityvulnerability in a wireless home security system from SimpliSafe. This system consis
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Inside the IOActive Silicon Lab: Reading CMOS layout

By Andrew Zonenberg @azonenbergEver wondered what happens inside the IOActive silicon lab? Forthe next few weeks we’ll be posting a series of blogs that highlight some ofthe equipment, tools, attacks, and all around interesting stuff that we dothere. We’ll start off with Andrew Zonenberg explaining the basics of CMOSlayout. Basics of CMOS L
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Inside the IOActive Silicon Lab: Interpreting Images

By Andrew Zonenberg @azonenbergIn the post “ReadingCMOS layout,” we discussed understanding CMOS layout in order to reverse-engineerphotographs of a circuit to a transistor-level schematic. This was all well andgood, but I glossed over an important (and often overlooked) part of theprocess: using the photos to observe and understand the circuit&
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