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An Introduction to Image File Execution Options

Image File Execution Options (IFEO) are used for debugging. Malware, however, does not only check if there are debuggers active, but it’s also known to use the features IFEO has to offer to their own advantage. Intention IFEO settings are stored in the Windows registry. The intention of creating the IFEO registry key is to give developers the option to debug
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Malware Crypters – the Deceptive First Layer

Recently, two suspects were arrested for selling Cryptex Reborn and other FUD tools (helping to install malware in a Fully UnDetectable way). Today, we will study some examples to make sure that everyone knows what this type of tools are and why they are dangerous. We will also present some example of identifying and unpacking a malware crypter. Crypters 
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Introduction to Alternate Data Streams

What are Alternate Data Streams? Alternate Data Streams (ADS) are a file attribute only found on the NTFS file system. In this system a file is built up from a couple of attributes, one of them is $Data, aka the data attribute. Looking at the regular data stream of a text file there is no mystery. It simply contains the text inside the text file. But that is
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Goodbye CD Wallet. Hello ISOSTICK!

The ISOSTICK is a USB stick that masquerades as an external CD/DVD drive and loads ISOs from a removable MicroSD card. Many of our readers are the tech support, help desk and IT department for their friends when something goes wrong with their computers. Most often friends’ issues can be resolved by running our awesome Malwarebytes Anti-Malware solutio
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