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AirTag stalking: What is it, and how can I avoid it?

More voices are being raised against the use of everyday technology repurposed to attack and stalk people. Most recently, it’s reported that Ohio has proposed a new bill in relation to electronic tagging devices. The bill, aimed at making short work of a loophole allowing people with no stalking or domestic violence record to use tracking devices, i
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Apple AirTags: One Year On – Intego Mac Podcast Episode 238

Apple has provided some clarification to its plan to remove old and in the way apps from the App Store. Microsoft has been working on a VPN that isn’t a VPN it works a little differently from Apple’s VPN that isn’t a VPN. And it’s been a year since Apple released Air Tags… It hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing, but if thir
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Apple’s AirTags: One Year On

It has been one year since Apple released AirTags, the small tracking devices that leverage the vast network of iPhones and iPads. Designed to help you find your keys, track your luggage, and keep tabs on your backpack, these devices have also been used for stalking and theft. Here’s an overview of the first year of AirTags. Introducing AirTagsOn Apr
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A week in security (January 31 – February 6)

Last week on Malwarebytes Labs: Threat actor steals email with Zimbra zero-dayFBI warns of bogus job postings on recruitment sitesInvestment scams are on the riseA worrying Etsy listing reveals the stalking potential of Apple’s AirTagsBeware bogus OperaGX sponsorship offers$320 milllion stolen from Wormhole crypto-trading platformCyberattack on fuel suppl
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Lost Apple AirTag Can Lead Finder to Malicious Website

Apple’s AirTags are a great way to track items like bags, keys, and more. Using the vast network of Apple devices, it can be easy to pinpoint something that you’re tracking with an AirTag. You can track items because when the come in range of an Apple device, their location is recorded, without violating the privacy of the owner of the device t
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Apple’s AirTags Can Enable Stalkers and Abusers

Apple’s new AirTags are clever devices. You can track your keys, your luggage, and much more with them, using Apple’s Find My app, and leveraging a swarm of nearly one billion iOS devices across the planet. But there is a real risk that stalkers can take advantage of AirTags to find where people live and to follow them around. And that abusers
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Using iPhones and AirTags to sneak data out of air-gapped networks

Someone has found an extraordinary way to exfiltrate data by piggybacking data on the backs of unsuspecting iPhones. Say what? A researcher has found out that it is possible to upload arbitrary data from non-internet-connected devices by sending Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) broadcasts to nearby Apple devices that will happily upload the data for you. To
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How to Use the Find My App to Locate Friends, Apple Devices, and AirTags

Apple’s Find My app is a versatile tool for finding your friends, keeping track of your Apple devices, and locating lost items that you’ve protected with AirTags. You can find your lost iPhone, see where your keys are, if they’ve got an AirTag on them, and find that friend you’re supposed to meet in a busy shopping mall. Find My is
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Complete Guide to Apple AirTags: How to Use Them, How They Work, and What to Track with Them

Apple’s new AirTag allows you to track items almost anywhere, leveraging the network of nearly one billion iOS devices around the world. You can use them to track your keys and luggage, your musical instruments and your tools, or even your bicycle or skateboard. You can use the Find My app to locate your tagged items, and, as you get close to them, i
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How Tough are AirTags? We Froze, Washed and Dried, Ran Over, and Put Them in the Hot Sun

You take good care of your iPhone or iPad, but AirTags aren’t meant to be coddled. If you have one with a keyring, it’ll be in your pocket or purse, getting scratched and bounced around. If you put one in your gym bag, it’ll sit around in the trunk of your car in extreme temperatures in summer or winter. And if you forget one in a pocket,
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I Mailed an AirTag and Tracked Its Progress; Here’s What Happened

Apple’s AirTags are designed to help you keep track of things. There are many things you can use AirTags to track, beyond the most obvious ideas such as your keys or bag. But you may also be able to use an AirTag to track a package. I sent one in the mail to a friend, and followed it across the country. Here’s what happened. Mailing an AirTagI
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Hands On with Apple’s AirTags: Find Lost Keys, Bags, and More

Apple’s new AirTags are now available, and these small devices are great for those who misplace their keys, want to track their bags, and want to keep tabs on other items. They’re easy to set up, and easy to use. Here’s how to work with AirTags. Tagging thingsWe came up with a list of 23 items you might want to track with AirTags, but the
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Apple Announces New iMacs, iPads, AirTags, and More

After the first flurry of Macs running Apple’s own processors, in November of last year, Apple has made another step toward transitioning the entire Mac line to these new chips. The new iMac, announced yesterday, not only features Apple’s own M1 processor, but is the first Mac to benefit from a redesign along with this upgrade. At the same time
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How your iPhone could tell you if you’re being stalked

The latest iOS beta suggests that Apple’s next big update will include an iPhone feature that warns users about hidden, physical surveillance of their location. The feature detects AirTags, Apple’s answer to trackable fobs made by Tile, and serves to block the potential abuse of the much-rumored product. While the feature represents great potential,
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