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50 Million installations potentially impacted by AirDroid issues

At least 10 million Android users are exposed to cyber attacks due to multiple vulnerabilities affecting the popular AirDroid app. According to experts from the firm Zimperium, multiple vulnerabilities in the Android remote management tool AirDroid could expose more than 50 million devices The flaws could be exploited to abuse built-in features and use them
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Analysis of multiple vulnerabilities in AirDroid

By: Simone Margaritelli Follow Simone Margaritelli (@evilsocket)    Zimperium zLabs   Follow Zimperium zLabs (@zLabsProject) Analysis of multiple vulnerabilities in AirDroid Reported by: Simone Margaritelli Security Researcher at Zimperium zLabs Background AirDroid is a popular remote management tool for Android. It has an
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AirDroid Patches Web App Hijacking Vulnerability

AirDroid has patched an authentication flaw in its web application that could allow an attacker to remotely control and manipulate a victim’s Android device.AirDroid, which is similar to Apple’s native iMessage app, allows a user to send SMS messages, make calls, add contacts and more via a web-based interface. An attacker would just need to lure
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