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The Myth of Mutual Exclusivity: Making the DevOps Process More Agile Without Compromising Security

The marketplace is demanding agility, but many enterprises perceive the need for agility as an ongoing security risk. If applications are constantly evolving, they assume, the process will constantly open up new avenues for attackers to exploit. This worry has given rise to a widespread misconception that security or agility is a binary choice. But a growing
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Becoming an Agile Cyber-Ninja: Implementing SIEM the Right Way in 2017

When it comes to security information and event management (SIEM) solutions, you get out what you put in. Choosing the right method for organizing the teams that deploy and implement the SIEM, use cases and all, is an important decision. When it comes to organizing the projects and services related to the security of your enterprise, you need to stick to wh
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How to Use Scrum to Make an Identity Management Project More Agile

Identity management projects are considered complex because many steps must be taken before the project is complete, such as the product setup, information-gathering, integrations and other configurations. A traditional information management project follows a similar sequence: Information-gathering and design Product setup Configuration Creation of X conne
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Scrum — как эффективно работать без project — менеджера

Вместо введенияЗа последние 3 года работы мне довелось работать в самых различных ипостасях: исследователем, разработчиком и руководителем проектов. Есть различные стили управления: западный (когда предоставляется большая свобода в коллективе и многое построено на доверии, уважении, личной организованности отдельного индивидуума) и восточный (когда штраф
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