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Autodesk’s A360 Drive Abused to Deliver Adwind, Remcos, Netwire RATs

By Jaromir Horejsi (Threats Analyst) Cloud-based storage platforms have a history of cybercriminal abuse, from hosting malicious files and directly delivering malware to even making them part of a command-and-control (C&C) infrastructure. GitHub was misused this way when the Winnti group used it as a conduit for its C&C communications. We saw a simil
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Spam Campaign Delivers Cross-platform Remote Access Trojan Adwind

Cybercriminals are opportunists. As other operating systems (OS) are more widely used, they, too, would diversify their targets, tools, and techniques in order to cash in on more victims. That’s the value proposition of malware that can adapt and cross over different platforms. And when combined with a business model that can commercially peddle this malware
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New Evasion Techniques Help AlienSpy RAT Spread Citadel Malware

Hackers have co-opted AlienSpy, a remote access tool, to deliver the Citadel banking Trojan and establish backdoors inside a number of critical infrastructure operations.AlienSpy is a descendent of the Adwind, Unrecom and Frutas Java-based remote access Trojans, according to security company Fidelis, which is owned by General Dynamics. Fidelis said today in
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