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Microsoft Patch Tuesday, August 2020 Edition

Microsoft today released updates to plug at least 120 security holes in its Windows operating systems and supported software, including two newly discovered vulnerabilities that are actively being exploited. Yes, good people of the Windows world, it’s time once again to backup and patch up! At least 17 of the bugs squashed in August’s patch batch
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Adobe Acrobat and Reader affected by critical flaws

Adobe has released security updates to address twenty-six vulnerabilities in the Adobe Acrobat, Reader, and Lightroom products. Adobe has released security updates to address tens of vulnerabilities in Adobe Acrobat, Reader, and Lightroom products. Eleven out of twenty-six flaws are rated as ‘Critical’ because they could be exploited by att
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Microsoft Patch Tuesday, May 2020 Edition

Microsoft today issued software updates to plug at least 111 security holes in Windows and Windows-based programs. None of the vulnerabilities were labeled as being publicly exploited or detailed prior to today, but as always if you’re running Windows on any of your machines it’s time once again to prepare to get your patches on. May marks the th
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Update now! Windows gets another bumper patch update

byJohn E DunnAfter a flurry of zero-day vulnerabilities in recent editions, May’s Patch Tuesday finally gives Windows users a month off having to fix ‘big’ exploited or public flaws.The catch is it’s still one of the biggest patch rounds Microsoft has ever released, featuring 111 CVE-level bug fixes (the record being March’s 115 fixes), nearly half of which
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Adobe Acrobat auto-installed a vulnerable Chrome extension on Windows PCs

Adobe is no stranger to finding itself in the security headlines for all the wrong reasons, and it seems that things may not be changing as we enter 2017.There was controversy earlier this month when news broke about how Adobe took the opportunity on Patch Tuesday of using its regular security updates to force Adobe Acrobat DC users into silently installing
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Adobe to Patch Reader and Acrobat Next Week

Adobe is expected next week to patch critical vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader.The company today gave advanced notification of the impending updates to both products. The patches will be released on Tuesday, which figures to be a busy day for system administrators given that Microsoft will also release its monthly security updates. There will then be a
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Adobe Pushes Security Updates for Adobe Reader and Acrobat

Adobe Systems has released security updates for Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat for Mac and Windows. These updates address a total of 20 vulnerabilities (CVEs), many of which could lead to arbitrary code execution and information disclosure.According to Adobe's security bulletin (APSB14-28), affected software versions include:Adobe Reader XI (11.0.09) and ear
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Adobe Patches Flash Player Vulnerability Under Attack

As expected, Adobe today patched a vulnerability in Adobe Reader disclosed last week by Google’s Project Zero. What was unexpected was a Flash Player update that includes a patch for a vulnerability being exploited in the wild, Adobe said.Adobe had announced last Thursday in its pre-notification advisory that it would be issuing a security update for A
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PDF invoices may cost more than you expect

Contributor: Joseph GrazianoPDF invoices sent over email have become increasingly common in today’s business world. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no complications with the file format. Addressing these invoices without requiring verification from the recipient can lead to a compromised computer with the user’s confidential data in jeo
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Adobe Releases Critical Security Updates for Flash Player, Acrobat and Adobe Reader

Adobe has released security updates to fix seven vulnerabilities in its Flash and Air platforms and one in its Reader and Acrobat which, according to the company, is being exploited by attackers in wild "...in limited, isolated attacks targeting Adobe Reader users on Windows." The vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to "take control of affected systems"
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