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Corporate email addresses receive four times more malware than personal ones

Cyber-attacks cost companies millions of euros each year. A high price to pay which, according to a study conducted by Google’s Research Team, is not only due to the growing sophistication of the strategies and tools used by cyber-crooks, but also to the huge number of threats in circulation. Researchers examined over 1 billion email exchanges via Gmai
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Even the inventor of the World Wide Web can be hacked. What about us?

Even the inventor of the World Wide Web, Mr. Tim Berners-Lee, can have his password stolen. The hackers were able to access IT resources belonging to the organization that governs the Web (W3C). This makes us wonder: Is there a company that isn’t vulnerable to this type of attack?   We all face the same problem: We are only as strong as our weakest link
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Advanced Attacks against Hotel Chains: A practical example

Recently, we published a report where we discussed the numerous attacks on major hotel chains. The attacks were directed mainly towards credit card theft. Attackers do this by infecting point-of-sale terminals in these types of establishments. A few days ago, one of our Adaptive Defense 360 clients, a luxury hotel chain, suffered an attack. I wanted to take
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