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The Zero Trust Model for Living in a Hacked World

Although data breaches happen to corporations, the impact ultimately affects normal citizens like you and me. When we fall victim to credit card breaches, the associated anxiety and uncertainty is not addressed beyond proffered, free credit watch and protection services. Our personal email accounts are also at risk of misuse. According to CNN, a recent call
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The Holes in Your Knows

I have some, you have some — we all have some holes in our knows. As security professionals, we are often reluctant to admit it. The Dunning-Kruger effect states that the less you know about a subject, the more you are unaware of your lack of knowledge. But by the time we gain expert security knowledge, we are more aware of the unknowns. Filling the Holes in
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IP Theft: How Often Does Your IP Walk Out the Door?

It happens — employees leave. Sometimes they find growth opportunities and are encouraged, even cheered, by their employers to go for it. Other times, they are let go due to downsizing or performance issues, recruited by rivals or otherwise lured to greener pastures. In all scenarios, the employer’s intellectual property (IP) is at risk. Revenge, greed
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How Can You Quantify the Value of Web Access Enforcement?

In the world of security, there is a constant struggle to justify spending, show business value and quantify positive impacts. But too often there is not enough funding, and security becomes important only after a crisis. The value of the identity and access management (IAM) domains is different because it doesn’t just address risk — it can lead to ope
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Security Starts With People: Three Steps to Build a Strong Insider Threat Protection Program

Insider Threat: Not Like the Movies The hacker is hunched over his machine, the hood of his gray sweatshirt covering his hair and plunging his face in shadows as he types feverishly on a black keyboard. Using his considerable skills, he infiltrates some of the best-guarded corporations, stealing valuable data and millions of dollars. He is halfway across the
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Access Management Resolution in the Digital Era

There seems to be continuing confusion about what access management means. In layman’s terms, accessing an application implies the process of authentication — i.e., opening a browser or accessing a link — where you may be prompted to enter your credentials. If the user provides the right set of credentials, he or she gains access to that application —
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Why You Should Consider Using Privileged Password Access Managers

Account Credentials Are Child’s Play for Cybercriminals The “Black Hat 2015 Hacker Survey Report” from Thycotic showed just how easy it is for attackers to steal privileged account credentials. According to the study, which was completed during this year’s Black Hat USA conference, 94 percent of cybercriminals find this information in
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How Can Access Management Platforms Improve Cloud Security?

Traditional enterprise access management is rooted on-premises. A centralized access management platform lets security administrators remove authentication and authorization logic from business applications, saving application developers time and increasing security by providing uniformity of access controls. That works well when employees and customers prim
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Remember to Lock the Front Door With Identity Governance

The Importance of Identity Governance Make no mistake: In virtually every environment around the world, someone has access to data or applications that they should not have access to. And without the proper identity governance in place, this inappropriate access poses a security risk. A recent study by IBM reported that only 45 percent of all attacks come fr
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Take Your Mobile Security to the Next Level

I don’t think anyone will argue that mobile isn’t hot. Never before have we seen a technology where consumers are driving it so aggressively into the enterprise. Organizations are being forced to react and develop mobile security strategies to support the demands of end users. The difference in this case may be that consumers are not only demandi
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The Insider Threat: A Cloud Platform Perspective

The most recent IBM X-Force Threat Report, titled “IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Quarterly, 2Q 2015,” focuses solely on the insider threat and its various incarnations. It’s a comprehensive and compelling read. It certainly got me thinking, and I began asking myself some questions about the nature of insider threats and how to best protec
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Secure Access Powered by Intelligence: Are You Ready?

Intelligence means having a wealth of knowledge and deep analytical skills to make the right decisions. With security being organizations’ top concern, it is vital to make those right decisions while providing user access. After all, user access is still the weakest link in security. At the same time, today’s IT environments are becoming more and
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Has Your Cloud Security Become a Juggling Act?

The cloud offers simplified application development and delivery by providing infrastructure, platform and software services that are ready to use immediately. However, the major inhibitor for businesses has been concerns around security. IBM sees this not as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity to enhance your security posture by rethinking your approa
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Batman Vs. Superman: The Battle for Password Security

For decades, people have argued about whether Batman or Superman reigns supreme. Batman is a master strategist with razor-sharp intellect and a seemingly endless supply of technical gadgets, but he is only human. Superman boasts otherworldly speed and strength, yet he still finds himself crippled by Kryptonite. This debate is unlikely to be settled any time
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What to Look for When It Comes to Identity and Access Governance

It isn’t easy to get a clear overview of what happens in your organization when it comes to identity and access governance (IAG). To cover the basics first and build up from there, it is important to understand that identity management is the discipline of enabling the right users to have access to the right resources for the right reasons at the right
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