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IBM Named a CIAM Leader in the Forrester Wave Report

Not all leading identity and access management (IAM) vendors can also be successful as consumer identity and access management (CIAM) vendors. But with the right identity expertise, it’s possible. As Zero Trust mantras permeate the security and IT landscape, we know by now that everything’s about context, and not a single identity is to be trust
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CIAM: Building Blocks to Consumer IAM Success

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) is the connective technology between consumers and brands. CIAM is an important consideration when navigating routes to market for your products and services. A consumer’s journey navigating solutions to problems is where you can leverage the CIAM building blocks — capture, engage, manage and admini
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Cloud IAM and the Path Toward Digital Transformation

By 2022, 40% of global midsize and larger organizations will use identity and access management (IAM) capabilities delivered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) to fulfill most of their needs, cites a 2019 Gartner press release on IAM technology trends. Today, businesses are aligning themselves with a digital ecosystem by moving toward cloud adoption. On the jo
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Using Good Cyber Practices to Frame your Personal Cyber Narrative

Someone in my Twitter timeline wrote a post that resonated with me. Instead of advocating the idea of our firms mandating what we can and cannot do in our homes as working from home (WFH) standards, she said how gracious it was for us to let the firms into our home environments where we had already made investments in how and where we wanted to work in our p
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What Are Insider Threats and How Can You Mitigate Them?

What is an insider threat? Insider threats are users with legitimate access to company assets who use that access, whether maliciously or unintentionally, to cause harm to the business. Insider threats aren’t necessarily current employees, they can also be former employees, contractors or partners who have access to an organization’s systems or d
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Building on the IAM Benefits of SSO with MFA and Privileged Access Management

In part one of this post, we talked about why identity access management (IAM) is important.  In that discussion, we identified three types of IAM:Single Sign OnMulti-Factor AuthenticationPrivileged Access ManagementWe discussed the different types of single sign on and some examples of what can be used to help streamline the user experience.  Let’s now disc
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The Importance of Implementing an Information Security Policy That Everyone Understands

Information security (IS) and/or cybersecurity (cyber) are more than just technical terms. They’re the processes, practices and policy that involve people, services, hardware, and data. In particular, IS covers how people approach situations and whether they are considering the “what if’s” of malicious actors, accidental misuse, etc.I’m not sure about your o
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How Zero Trust Will Change Your Security Design Approach

As a security architect within IBM Security Services, I often get asked the question, “What exactly is a Zero Trust architecture?” Well, there is no single or unique answer to that question for two reasons. First, Zero Trust is not an architectural model but rather a set of guiding principles that should be applied to existing and new designs. W
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Video Conferencing Security for Businesses Isn’t a New Issue, It Just Came Into Focus

With 316 million Americans being asked to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly half of the U.S. population still working from home, video conferencing has suddenly become a critical tool for businesses. In fact, tools for remote work have spiked 84 percent since February, with video conferencing platforms like Webex recently sharing that they
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How Chatbots Can Help Bridge Business Continuity and Cybersecurity

A quick web search for “chatbots and security” brings up results warning you about the security risks of using these virtual agents. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find that this artificial intelligence (AI) technology could actually help address many work-from-home cybersecurity challenges — such as secure end-to-end encryption a
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What Is Multi-Factor Authentication, and What Does It Have to Do with You?

Security isn’t a simple matter of caring or spending time reading manuals or being told what you can or can’t do. Security is understanding how to view the world from a different perspective. It’s a skill that people build over time, and it’s completely appropriate to start out small. If you can do nothing else, consider the access to your accounts, professi
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How Retail Security Can Welcome IoT Innovations Without Putting Customers at Risk

Retail businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to major department stores, are investing heavily in technology to enhance the in-store experience. With the imminent arrival of mainstream 5G, smarter systems are expected to dominate the retail space as the internet of things (IoT) expands. But as we know from connected device deployments in other sectors, such as
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Safeguarding Healthcare for the Future With Zero Trust Security

In 2019, we saw a record number of information security breaches. According to the IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence Index 2020, a total of 8.5 billion records were compromised — three times the number from 2018. The healthcare industry saw its fair share of attacks and was the 10th-most targeted industry, accounting for 3 percent of all attacks last year. Th
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Workforce Versus Consumer IAM: Key Differences and Use Cases

As a consumer, have you ever visited an online retail site only to be bombarded by a pop-up window asking for your email address in order to get a nominal discount? Or consider the process of exploring a home mortgage with a major financial institution. Your first interaction with the bank or financial institution prompts a request for your Social Security i
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How to Create Value With Your (Security) Data Analytics Program

I have been fascinated by data analytics for all my professional life — from my early days of using Linux command-line tools like grep, cut, sort and unique to make sense of log files and identify the chain of events that harmed my web server, to using simple Excel and pivot tables to do pretty much the same with data of all types. Now, we have much fancier
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