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How Authentication and Identification Work Together to Build Digital Trust

The dictionary definition of trust, according to Merriam-Webster, is the “assured reliance on the … truth of someone or something.” In today’s digital world, trust can be a tricky concept. To do business online, whether you are a bank, retailer, insurer, airline or anything else, you must have some degree of trust in your user — trust
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Goldilocks Finds an Identity and Access Management Solution That Is Just Right

Goldie was uncomfortable. It was her first day on the new job and her desk chair was too hard. She’d ask for a softer chair later — for now she had other things on her mind. She’d been brought in to devise a new access management strategy, but the team was so strapped for time no one was available to train her. She was on her own. Goldie’s
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Risk Governance: The True Secret Weapon of Cybersecurity

This season’s featured cybersecurity nightmare may be ransomware, but breaches of all kinds are going up in both numbers and cost. In response, security vendors are offering sophisticated — and costly — solutions to defend against evermore sophisticated attackers. However, the most effective protective measures have nothing to do with specific software
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Charting Your Identity Governance and Administration Adoption Road Map

We’ve witnessed almost a decade of identity governance and administration (IAG) disasters. In my experience implementing identity and access management (IAM) solutions for Fortune 100 companies around the world, I’ve seen my fair share of challenges. I’ve been called in to help fix problems related to too many manual processes, user compla
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Why Is Identity Governance So Difficult to Get Right?

When was the last time you heard an identity governance and administration (IGA) success story? If you’re thinking “not in my organization,” you’re in good company. IGA projects have a reputation for being hard to complete, drawn out and costly. But why are they so difficult to get right? Measuring the Business Value of IGA Part of th
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How Can You Quantify the Value of Web Access Enforcement?

In the world of security, there is a constant struggle to justify spending, show business value and quantify positive impacts. But too often there is not enough funding, and security becomes important only after a crisis. The value of the identity and access management (IAM) domains is different because it doesn’t just address risk — it can lead to ope
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Ground Control to Major CRO: Is Identity Governance a Risky Experience?

With the ongoing focus around security risk and compliance, governance is a hot topic within identity and access management. While identity governance is valuable for securing user access, properly deploying a governance solution can be a tricky endeavor. In a recent webinar, IBM and KuppingerCole brought together two identity governance gurus to discuss som
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What Leading Analysts Are Saying about IBM’s Acquisition of CrossIdeas

IBM recently acquired CrossIdeas, adding to the IBM Security Systems division and its existing identity and access management (IAM) portfolio. Prior to this acquisition, the company had already partnered with IBM in the Ready for IBM Security Intelligence program, and it integrated its identity and access governance solution platform with the IBM Security Id
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