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Unexpectedly Useful Skills for Careers in Cybersecurity

Of all the weird quirks I had as a kid, I never expected that my fascination with untying knots in the yarn from the arts and crafts box in fourth grade would benefit me in my job today. I recently did an interview for Business Radio X about one of IBM Security’s initiatives to raise awareness about careers in cybersecurity among middle school girls. T
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Aiming for a Security Career? Consider a Liberal Arts Degree

“In the shifting landscape of higher education today, critical questions continue to be raised about the value of a liberal arts education. There is a constant drumbeat claiming that STEM subjects — science, technology, engineering and math — are far more valuable in today’s digital economy and culture than a traditional liberal arts major such a
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The Educator’s Back-to-School Cybersecurity Checklist: Make Mitigating Command Injection a Priority

Pencils? Check. Notebooks? Check. Web applications and servers patched and sanitized? Hopefully. In many parts of the world, educators and students in primary, secondary and higher education institutions are reviewing their checklists to ensure academic preparedness for the new school year. But what about the education sector’s IT workers? What should
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Leading by Example: Security and Privacy in the Education Sector

Today’s students will be the first generation entering adulthood with a digital footprint from birth, yet education is one of the most underexplored sectors when it comes to security and privacy. If we’re not careful about securing this data, we leave our children vulnerable to embarrassing — if not outright dangerous — situations. My experienc
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Five Ways Enterprises Can Close the Cybersecurity Skills Gap

With global cybersecurity job openings and security threats at all-time highs, enterprises are struggling to fill positions with qualified staff. But while the problem threatens to plague the IT industry for years to come, security leaders and hiring managers can take proactive measures to attract and retain top talent for their organizations. Five Tips to C
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Changing How We Educate and Hire With a New Collar Approach

Earlier this month, I had the privilege to attend the IBM Security Summit in New York. Among the many great presenters and events during the day was a panel discussion on new and better ways to tackle the cybersecurity skills gap facing governments, industries and academia, and how a new collar approach can help. The need for skilled cybersecurity talent i
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Bringing Systems Integration Skills to Cybersecurity Degree Students

For the third year, the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) at the University of Warwick will run the Enterprise Cyber Security (ECS) module, which is part of the institution’s Master of Science in Cyber Security and Management program. The individual degree modules offer students a solid set of security skills, culminating with the ECS module, which is
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Closing the Awareness Gap Requires a Team Effort

In March 2017, Forbes made the case that the IT skills gap is really more of an awareness gap: “College graduates’ skills are not visible to employers because while they’re leaving colleges and universities with transcripts and resumes, employers aren’t able to see the skills they’ve developed through coursework and co-curricul
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Cybersecurity Hiring Woes? Time to Consider a New Collar Approach

“There are over 5 million jobs open in this country. The reason they are not filled is skills.” — Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO, speaking to Fox Business about new collar jobs. Organizations are suffering from an inability to fill vacant technology and cybersecurity positions. A four-year wait for students to complete their curricula is an eternity fo
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Overcoming the Skills Gap With On-the-Job Training

Much has been written about the skills gap in terms of the lack of qualified security practitioners to fill the roles available within organizations. In fact, the skills gap is currently one of the top concerns for CISOs, and the situation is poised to get event worse. Look to the Millennials A recent Frost & Sullivan report looked at the importance of t
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Cybersecurity Leadership in Transition: A View From the Classroom

As an introduction to the topic of cybersecurity leadership in transition, indulge in a quick story: A CEO tells of the time he discovered that the employees in the shipping department were putting a blank sheet of paper in every box, just before it was sealed up and sent off to customers. Their only explanation was, “We don’t really know why;
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Inside the National CCDC: Building Cybersecurity Skills for the Future

It is no secret that we face a significant global cybersecurity skills shortage, with 1.8 million open and unfilled positions expected by 2022. As global leader of academic outreach for IBM Security, I am often asked what steps we can take to address the shortage and accelerate skills. My response is unwavering: There is no single answer, no silver bullet.
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Representation of Women in Cybersecurity Remains Stagnant, Despite Recent Efforts to Balance the Scales

The skills gap we face in the cybersecurity profession has been well-documented for the past several years. In 2015, Frost and Sullivan estimated that 1.5 million positions will be open and unfilled by 2020 and that women make up only 10 percent of the cyber workforce. In other words, not only do we have a skills gap, we have a serious gender gap. Raising th
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Behind the Scenes at a Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition

A capture the flag (CTF) contest is a special kind of cybersecurity competition designed to challenge its participants to solve computer security problems and/or capture and defend computer systems. Typically, these competitions are team-based and attract a diverse range of participants, including students, enthusiasts and professionals. A CTF competition ma
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Using Cognitive Security Solutions to Combat Cyber Scum and Villainy

Authored by David Shipley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Information Technology Services, University of New Brunswick. Embracing Cognitive Security Solutions In many organizations, security is assumed rather than actively pursued. It is my job to make sure that isn’t the case. As the data center for three other universities in our province, my sec
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