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AV-TEST: The number of malware decreases, but their complexity increases

According to the AV-TEST Security Report 2016/2017 published by the independent anti-virus testing outfit AV-TEST, the number of malware decreases, but … According to the AV-TEST Security Report 2016/2017 published by the independent anti-virus testing outfit AV-TEST, the number of malware samples detected in 2016 decreased compared to 2015, but they h
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New Study Finds Popular Fitness Trackers Still Put Users’ Security At Risk

A security audit evaluating many best-selling fitness trackers and wearable devices, including the Apple Watch, revealed that some manufacturers are continuing to make blatant security errors.Conducted by AV-TEST, the new study found several security flaws in Android-powered fitness trackers. The organization tested the following devices:Basis PeakMicrosoft
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AV-TEST 2015 AWARDs – Which is the best antivirus solutions?

2015 awards – For the fifth year in succession the AV-TEST Institute is awarding firms that offered the most efficient IT protection solutions. On February 17, 2016, the independent institute AV-TEST is awarding the AV-TEST AWARDs to companies who developed antivirus software in 2015. The awards were assigned to products grouped in the categories ̶
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Anti-Malware Test Cheats: the View from AMTSO

Anti-Malware Test Cheats: the View from AMTSO Posted by David Harley on May 7, 2015.The saga of the anti-malware test cheats rolls on.If you actually find this issue of interest – and if you’re one of the anti-malware industry’s customers you  certainly should – you’ll already be aware
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Product test cheats: this could run and run

Product test cheats: this could run and run Posted by David Harley on May 1, 2015.This is actually a follow-up to an article I wrote elsewhere on test cheating, where a security product vendor submits a version for product testing that is configured differently to the version that is a
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Chinese AntiVirus vendor Qihoo is cheating on AV tests

Chinese Antivirus vendor Qihoo submitted products specifically tuned for the major testing labs, while was offering something different to its users. The news is disconcerting, the Chinese security firm Qihoo (CHEE-hoo) 360, is providing to its  hundreds of millions of users a product that differs from the one the it has submi
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AV-TEST estimates 12 million new malware variants per month

The Independent institute AV-Test issued an analysis that recorded 143 Million new malware samples in 2014 and 12 million new variants per month. The German independent IT security institute AV-Test has published an interesting statistic on the current diffusion of malicious code, the data reveal that experts noticed 12 millio
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Is Your Free Antivirus Really Protecting You?

Most consumers are aware that they need an antivirus on their PC. While there is a huge selection of solutions that consumers can choose from, typically they select free solutions from popular vendors that their friends recommend. After all, the more popular an antivirus is, the better protection it must offer, right?Popular does not always mean betterUnfort
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ITsecurity Daily News: 09/02/2014

ITsecurity Daily News: 09/02/2014 The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Tuesday, September 2, 2014.If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com.NewsPapers/Rep
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