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Expert discovered online data belonging to the trading firm AMP

Security expert Chris Vickery reported a data breach at online trading firm AMP that exposed customer credit reports, and Social Security numbers. The popular security expert Chris Vickery has discovered a new data breach that affected the AMP online trading firm that exposed thousands of files, including credit reports, passport scans, and customer chat log
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Security Insights with British Telecom

The explosive growth of video, mobility, Internet-of-Things, and cloud services has brought about enormous business opportunities. Service Providers are adopting open and programmable network architectures that increase business agility and lower costs. However, adversaries are increasingly exploiting the growing attack surface presented by these new service
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Cognitive Research: Fake Blogs Generating Real Money

SummaryIn the past several months Cisco Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA) researchers have observed a number of blog sites using either fake content or content stolen from other sites to drive traffic to click on ad-loaded web sites. We have observed traffic volume up to 10,000 requests per hour, targeting hundreds of sites. The estimated lifetime of this cam
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Continuous Analysis Yields Continuous Leadership Against Advanced Threats

Organizations today have no shortage of challenges when it comes to cyber security and their growing IT infrastructure. Not only is the frequency and sophistication of malware attacks on the rise, but with the proliferation of mobility, BYOD, IoT, and cloud services; the number of entry points an attacker has into the network grows exponentially with them.Gi
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Creating an Intelligence-Led Security Organization

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Roland Cloutier, Global Chief Security Officer at ADP and former CISO at EMC, to discuss how they integrate and leverage threat intelligence into their security operations centers as well as their greater security technology infrastructure. It’s pretty rare for the CISO of a F500 company to discuss what technol
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AMP Threat Grid Integrated with Email Security

We recently announced the release of AsyncOS 9.5 for Cisco Email Security that included the integration of AMP Threat Grid. Now if Threat Grid could talk it would sound a lot like Ron Burgundy and say “I’m not sure if you know this, but I’m kind of a big deal.” Email is consistently one of the top two threat vectors for malware because so many people out the
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AMP Threat Grid integrates with Tripwire Enterprise

Today’s threat landscape is completely different than last year; and next years will be, not surprisingly, even worse. The Industrialization of Hacking has spawned a new era of professional, entrepreneurial, and resourceful cyber criminals. In recent year’s dynamic malware analysis (aka sandboxing) has become the shiny new technology that we all want, no, ne
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Delivering Advanced Threat Protection with AnyConnect 4.1

The rise of malware created specifically for endpoints like mobile devices is forcing IT Security teams to focus increasingly on endpoint security solutions. According to a survey by the Ponemon Institute[1] published in January, 75 percent of respondents (an increase from 68 percent in last year’s study) believe their mobile endpoints have been the target o
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Enabling the Next-Generation Data Center with FirePOWER + ACI Security

As IT organizations look to the cloud to become more efficient and achieve the agility their business demands, one of the biggest security challenges they typically face is right at the heart of any enterprise – the data center. In cloud environments, where applications have to be location-independent and mobile, it can be overwhelming to manage traffic that
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Cisco AMP Just Got Better – Enhancements for Continuous Breach Detection, Response, and Remediation

Breaches happen.It makes us cringe to say it, but it’s the obvious truth. A week doesn’t go by that we don’t hear about the latest breach in the news. All of us in the IT security industry would love to say, “our technology can prevent all breaches.” But it’s a pipedream. Being able to prevent 100 percent of breaches or detect all threats trying to infiltrat
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Endpoint Visibility to Combat Advanced Attacks – I Want That

Protecting data, maintaining compliance, and enabling the business is a balancing act. Put too many controls in place and you inhibit workflow. Rely exclusively on traditional security tools and you lack the visibility to detect and respond to advanced attacks quickly.The industrialization of hacking has created an effective and efficient criminal economy. A
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AMP Threat Grid Empowers Law Enforcement to Fight Cybercrime

Recognizing the critical need for state and local law enforcement agencies to have state-of-the art technologies to effectively fight digital crime, Cisco is creating the AMP Threat Grid for Law Enforcement Program. The program is designed to empower those working to protect our communities from cybercriminals with its dynamic malware analysis and threat int
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How AMP Threat Grid Accelerates Incident Response with Artifacts, Content, and Correlation

As a result of Cisco’s acquisition last May, ThreatGRID is now part of the Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) portfolio as AMP Threat Grid. The acquisition expands Cisco AMP capabilities in the areas of dynamic analysis and threat intelligence technology, both on-premise and in the cloud. AMP Threat Grid extends Cisco AMP with even greater visibility, c
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Cisco Email Security Stays Ahead of Current Threats by Adding Stronger Snowshoe Spam Defense, AMP Enhancements, and More

If you read the recently released Cisco Annual Security Report, you will have learned how spammers have adopted a “Snowshoe” strategy, using a large number of IP addresses with a low message volume per IP address, to send spam, preventing some spam systems from sinking the spam. This yielded a 250 percent increase in spam from January 2014 to November 2014.O
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Continuous Protection on the Endpoint: Show Me

Advanced malware is dynamic, elusive, and evasive. Once it slithers into the organization’s extended network, it can very quickly proliferate, cause problems, and remain undetected by traditional point-in-time security tools. These tools poll or scan endpoints for malware or indicators of compromise at a moment in time, and then do not evaluate again u
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