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Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Pros and Cons

What are the pros and cons of AI? Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk have been debating about the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for quite some time. Last month they continued the conversation by making their debate public. During a Q&A session with Nevada’s governor Brian Sandoval, Elon made a few statements about the dangers of AI. Tesla’s CEO said
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Bringing Clarity to Really Really Big Data: A Case for AI and Machine Learning to Help Crunch and Protect Our Data

Funny how kids have an affinity for toys we enjoyed as kids. Like Legos. They will spend hours creating the biggest “thing”, often leading to a parent’s near universal response, “Johnny! That is the biggest tower I have ever seen! Great job!” Children (and we) love Legos because they foster imagination, offering a limitless way to create something “gigantic!
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Google’s CAPTCHA Service Now Goes Invisible for Human Users

Google’s CAPTCHA service now allows human users to pass through and access a website without seeing the “I’m not a robot” checkbox.The CAPTCHA provider, known as No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA, uses an “advanced risk analysis engine” to separate users from bots. The service has developed numerous challenges since it first launched.
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Security & the ‘Weaponization’ of Misinformation

New media, it would appear, now outpaces the old. More data is consumed and processed than at any time before in human history. But as we hasten into a world where the immediate is often favoured over the verified, the attention-grabbing over the considered, and the assumed over the researched in terms of how we both receive and disseminate information, we o
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AI Is Tapping Into Intelligent Video Analytics and Transforming Security

Surveillance cameras have become a common sight pretty much anywhere you go. From banks to retail outlets and airports to malls, cameras are placed mainly to monitor the area and check for signs of security threats. This has traditionally been done with security personnel monitoring what the cameras are sending back, often in a tightly controlled security ro
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How AI Can Save Corporate America from Devastating Cyber Attacks

It certainly has been another long week in cybersecurity. First, news that a third party hacked a group allegedly connected to the NSA and made off with secret “hacking tools” rocked the industry. It was shortly followed by news of cyber attacks in the form of smart email “bombs” raining down upon the mailboxes of .gov employees in a way very similar to DDoS
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Hacking discipline, EOL of computer science in the cyber domain

The hacking world will change. Instead of hacking based on computer programming as today, the hacking will be based on chemistry, biology, and physics. In the medium term future, the hacking world will change. Instead of hacking based on computer programming as today, the hacking will be based on chemistry, biology and physics
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Bots Versus Cops, the Twitter Edition

Roll your own Twitter bots are becoming increasingly popular, especially ones which look at the Tweets of their creator’s main feed, jumble the words up and spew forth stream of consciousness style missives. You may want to reconsider, however, because things seem to have gone a bit wrong in the land of Bots today: wow so one of my bots sent out a deat
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