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Help prevent disaster donation scams from causing more misery

It’s a sad day when we have to warn people about medical charity scams, or tax fakeouts, or even have a week dedicated to foiling charity fraud—but here we are. With so many natural disasters occurring, from wildfires in California to tornadoes in Dallas, disaster donation scams remain a top resource for scammers looking for free cash. Unfortunately, disaste
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“BMW Lottery Department” 419 Spam

Good news, oh lucky winner! You’ve won a car, laptop, and a frankly terrifying amount of money after being entered in a prize draw. Well, that’s what the senders of the below missive want you to think, should you open it up in your mailbox. Titled “Dear Lucky Winner” and sent from the so-called “BMW Lottery Department”, th
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The Bank of “We Have No Idea What We’re Doing”

One can only assume the creators of this 419 scam attempt threw up their hands, cried YOLO and set about putting together the least visually convincing “This is a mail from a bank, honest” attempt I’ve seen in some time. I mean, you think banking fakeout, you think professional looking imagery. You think clean, sounds-like-a-bank wording. Y
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Avoid this “Casino Online Promotion” 419 Scam

Remember the time when you won a ridiculous amount of money from a Casino you’d never heard of, much less visited? Me neither, but as it turns out it doesn’t really matter when dealing with the wacky world of email spam – where winnings are often plentiful despite not actually taking part: Going by the wonderfully informative title of R
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“Casino Online Award” 419 Scam…

Steer clear of the below 419 mail which reads as though it can’t quite decide how you’ve come to win, so it throws everything from lotteries and power balls to casinos and email draws into the mix in the hope that something sticks. The mail, titled “Re: kifq”, reads as follows and is at least a little bit more intelligible than the he
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The 419: Mugs and Mugus

The 419: Mugs and Mugus Posted by David Harley on September 23, 2015.I was delighted to receive the following invitation recently from someone calling himself Heinz:… I have an offer worth 23million if interested,please contact meI wonder what it’s worth if I’m not interest
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“Crucial Reference” 419 Spam

Here’s a curious missive from the spam traps. 419 mails have occasionally delved into a  of hitmen and threats to get their hands on some cash (we’ll never forget you, Don Gunshot). The fictitious entity below throws the “Random 419 scenario Generator” into overdrive and casually claims their husband was killed by an assassin alongsid
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Law enforcement warns of Nepal Earthquake Scams

FBI and security researchers have uncovered fraudulent activity pertaining to relief efforts associated with the tragic Nepal earthquake. Cyber criminals have no scruples, they are always ready to exploit any tragedy to maximize their profits exploiting the interest of people in disastrous events. The last tragedy in order of
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“We Need Your Support” Nepal Earthquake 419 Spam

There’s been an inevitable collection of Nepal themed scam emails and websites since the devastating Earthquake hit Nepal this past week. I actually came across a dubious looking donation website earlier today, but it’s already been covered in detail over at the Dynamoo Blog. No doubt we’ll see more of the same over the coming days and week
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Another Day, Another 419 Fakeout

It seems 419 mails are like buses this week – you wait ages for one to come, and then three show up at once and try to empty your bank account (okay, maybe they’re not exactly like buses).  Thankfully this one isn’t doing the normal trick of trying to outdo Leo Tolstoy in a word count danceoff, and is mercifully brief as a result. The mail
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“Business Support Giveaway” 419 Scam

If we’re to believe everything our mailbox tells us, the United Nations Foundation are busy sending out missives informing lucky recipients of a “Business Support Give Away” mail that they’re going to make a big difference to their lives with a randomly assigned donation. A really big randomly assigned donation. How big? Five million
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“International Reconciliation and Logistics Vault” 419 Spam

Every now and then a 419 scammer dredges up an old scam mail, gives it a bit of spit and polish then sends it back out into the wild. The “International Reconciliation and Logistics Vault” has been a subject for 419 attempts for a number of years now, though the typical format of these missives tends to be more like this one. Indeed, here it come
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“Pardon my intrusion; my name is…”

Here’s a rather surreal 419 email currently doing the rounds. Particularly entertaining if you read it back with the actor’s voice in your head. Hey, Agent Mills – what’s in the (mail)box? An email from “Morgan Freeman”: Subject: Morgan Freeman Dear Friend, Pardon my intrusion; my name is Lieutenant Morgan Freeman, p
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The millionaire business behind the use of Limitless and Predator Pain Keylogger/RATs in the criminal ecosystems

Trend Micro issued a research paper on operations behind Predator Pain and Limitless keyloggers, both of which are easily obtainable from underground. Cybercriminals ordinary use malicious code to steal money from victims, the number of malware available in the criminal ecosystem is continuously growing, their level of soph
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Steer Clear of Fake “Euromillions Lottery” Email

If you see a missive in your mailbox called “Winning notification”, think twice before filling it in and replying. It’s a classic 419 / money mule scam mail and it’s been bouncing around for the last 6 or 7 days. According to the email, you somehow won a prize (without taking part) and came in fourth place, picking up “one milli
Publish At:2014-09-17 12:40 | Read:3557 | Comments:0 | Tags:Fraud/Scam Alert 419 email lottery mail money mule scam


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