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Spear phishing 101: what you need to know

Phishing, a cyberattack method as old as viruses and Nigerian Princes, continues to be one of the most popular means of initiating a breach against individuals and organizations, even in 2020. The tactic is so effective, it has spawned a multitude of sub-methods, including smishing (phishing via SMS), pharming, and the technique du jour for this blog: spear
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Truth in malvertising: How to beat bad ads

Here’s a scary number: 1.3 billion. That’s the monthly traffic of msn.com, which was hit by a malvertising campaign earlier this year. Here’s an even scarier number: 70 percent. That’s the estimated amount of malvertising campaigns that deliver ransomware as a payload. What’s 70 percent of millions and millions of pageviews that
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Facebook and Privacy

Is there such a thing as privacy on Facebook, you might ask? Seeing how everything that you post or gets posted about you (or that you get tagged in) is public knowledge unless you do something about it, the answer is as with most social media: it depends on how you use it. In this post, we will try to give you some tips without going into much detail on how
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Process Explorer: part 2

For Windows operating systems (OS), especially those up to and including Windows 7, Process Explorer is an excellent replacement for Task Manager. After publishing part 1: an introduction I received some questions, requests and comments that I will try to cover here. (Stop) Replacing Task Manager First of all I was asked to mention that undoing the replaceme
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Do I really need anti-malware for my Mac?

On the popular Discovery Channel program “Mythbusters,” hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take a legend and deconstruct it to see whether its long-held beliefs are legitimate. They’ve busted all kinds of myths, from Jimmy Hoffa being buried under Giants Stadium (not true) to the ability to kill someone without a trace using an ice bullet
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How to tell if you’re infected with malware

Picture this: you start your computer and wait. And wait. And wait some more. When your desktop finally shows its face, things don’t get any better. Your Internet is sluggish, your programs are taking forever to load, and your cursor is dragging 20 seconds behind your mouse. You might have tried to open too many programs at once. Or… You might be infec
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Process Explorer: An introduction

When Microsoft acquired Sysinternals in 2006, one of the most famous tools it gained was Process Explorer. For Windows operating systems (OS), especially those up to and including Windows 7, Process Explorer is an excellent replacement for Task Manager. It offers a much clearer view of what is going on and has a lot more options. Besides the options the regu
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Should you store your data in the cloud?

It’s pretty simple to understand where a file goes when you save it on your PC. It lives on your hard drive, possibly housed in a set of folders you’ve created and organized yourself. That file is only stored on your computer, unless you decide to email it to yourself or save it on an external hard drive or USB. Now what about the cloud? At its m
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