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#DTX Cybersecurity Mini Summit: Awareness Key to Securing a Remote Workforce

A greater focus on employee training is the foundation to organizations tackling a fast-changing cyber-threat landscape, according to Rayad Jawaheer, sales engineer at Bitdefender, speaking during the DTX Cyber Security Mini Summit.The shift to remote working since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant staff, and consequently their organizations, are
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FBI in Threat Warning After Surge in Spoofed Domains

The FBI is warning internet users to be on high alert for website and email domains masquerading as those of the crime-fighting agency.The Bureau claimed in a Public Service Announcement that it has detected multiple threat actors registering fake domains mimicking legitimate FBI ones, which could be the precursor to a new campaign.Cyber-criminals typically
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Fines Less of a Concern than Reputational Damage for Public Sector Security

In a survey of 250 UK public sector professionals working in cybersecurity, risk and data protection by Zivver, 52% of all respondents cited reputational damage as their biggest challenge in relation to outbound secure communications. This was followed by preventing data leaks (50%) and employee awareness on security (49%). Meanwhile, fines were deemed a les
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US Treasury's OFAC Ransomware Advisory: Navigating the Gray Areas

Leveraging the right response strategy, following the regulations, and understanding the ransom entity are the fundamentals in any ransomware outbreak. With the volume of ransomware attacks increasing exponentially over the past year, the federal government decided to step forward. On Oct. 1, the US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Contr
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CISA Warns of Holiday Online Shopping Scams

The agency urges shoppers to be cautious of fraudulent websites, unsolicited emails, and unencrypted financial transactions.The Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) today posted an advisory to warn shoppers of online scams ahead of the holidays. Related Content:How Retailers Can Fight Fraud and Abuse
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Cyber-attacks Reported on Three US Healthcare Providers

Three healthcare providers in Florida, Georgia, and New York are notifying patients that their protected health information may have been exposed in recent cyber-attacks involving ransoms.Warnings went out to patients of Advanced Urgent Care of the Florida Keys on November 6 regarding a ransomware attack that took place on March 1, 2020.&
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Printers' Cybersecurity Threats Too Often Ignored

Remote workforce heightens the need to protect printing systems against intrusion and compromise.Working remotely was growing more common even before the coronavirus pandemic accelerated the trend. As workers increasingly settle into their home offices, they still need access to company networks and office hardware — particularly printers. In fact, the
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Bill Proposes Stricter Security for UK Telecom Companies

New legislation introduced into the British Parliament today proposes the imposition of strict new security rules on telecommunication companies in the United Kingdom. The Telecommunications (Security) Bill aims to block high-risk equipment suppliers and tighten security requirements for new high-speed fiber optic and 5G wireless networks.&nbs
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Smart Doorbells Are Wide Open to Security Flaws

A consumer rights group has found security vulnerabilities in 11 popular smart doorbell products available on two of the world’s biggest online marketplaces.Which? enlisted the help of researchers at NCC Group to run tests on the smart devices they found on eBay and Amazon, many of which had scores of five-star reviews, were recommended as “Amazo
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Can Cyber Hygiene Lead to a Cyber Secure Attitude?

In my work penetrating different layers of organizations, getting to the core of the issue, it’s relatively clear that, in many cases, employees don’t understand ‘why’ it’s important to be cyber secure, and see certain tech or processes as barriers to their ability to carry out tasks in relation to their job.Worse still, they fe
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Apple’s Head of Global Security Facing Bribery Charges

Apple’s head of global security, Thomas Moyer, has been charged with bribery in relation to obtaining concealed firearms licences.As reported by the BBC, Moyer is accused of offering $70,000 worth of iPads to police officers in return for the licenses, which are required to lawfully carry a concealed weapon in California.Two police officers – cou
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On That Dusseldorf Hospital Ransomware Attack and the Resultant Death

Wired has a detailed story about the ransomware attack on a Dusseldorf hospital, the one that resulted in an ambulance being redirected to a more distant hospital and the patient dying. The police wanted to prosecute the ransomware attackers for negligent homicide, but the details were more complicated: After a detailed investigation involving consultations
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As 'Anywhere Work' Evolves, Security Will Be Key Challenge

Companies should plan their future workforce model now, so they have time to implement the necessary tools, including cybersecurity and seamless remote access, a Forrester report says.Following the pandemic, at least 70% of companies will permit a significant portion of their employees to work from home at least two days a week — requiring a revam
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Ransomware Grows Easier to Spread, Harder to Block

Researchers illustrate the evolution toward more complete and effective ransomware attacks designed to cripple target organizations.Ransomware, already a major enterprise threat, is growing more problematic as operators brainstorm new ways to make their attacks easier to launch and more devastating for victims.Related Content:Evidence-Based Trust Gets Black
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CA20201116-01: Security Notice for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----Hash: SHA256CA20201116-01: Security Notice for CA Unified Infrastructure ManagementIssued: November 16th, 2020Last Updated: November 16th, 2020CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company, is alerting customers to avulnerability in CA Unified Infrastructure Management. A vulnerabilityexists that can allow a local attacker to elevate
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