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Cybercriminals Extort Psychotherapy Patients Following Vastaamo Breach

An attacker is running a Tor site to leak the session notes of 300 patients at Vastaamo, a Finnish psychotherapy facility.Cybercriminals behind a data breach at Finnish psychotherapy facility Vastaamo have begun to blackmail patients hundreds of euros and threaten to publish their personal health data online.Related Content:Botnet Infects Hundreds of Thousan
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New Report Links Cybersecurity and Sustainability

Some have also created the role of chief sustainability officer, according to Kaspersky.A vast majority of companies -- 98% -- say sustainability and a new C-suite role play an important role in improving cybersecurity, according to a new Kaspersky study. Related Content: Cyber Resilience Benchmarks 2020 2020 State of Cybersecurity Operations and Incide
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Harvest Finance Places Bounty on Hacker

A decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol is offering a $100k reward for help in contacting its alleged cyber-attacker.Reports emerged a week ago that Harvest Finance had allegedly been targeted by an unknown cyber-criminal who drained $24m in value from its pools in seven minutes. The malicious hacker allegedly cashed out th
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FBI Supports US Cyber Camp

The US Space and Rocket Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have entered into a joint agreement in support of US Cyber Camp.The camp is the newest of four STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) camp programs to be launched by the Rocket Center, a museum in Alabama that showcases the rockets, achievements, and artifacts of th
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Attacks Exploiting Digital Certs Soar by 700% in Five Years

The number of cyber-attacks exploiting “machine identities” has soared by more than 700% over the past five years, according to new data from Venafi.The security vendor made the claims in its latest report, Machine Identities Drive Rapid Expansion of Enterprise Attack Surface.It also revealed that this type of attack has surged by 433% from
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HackerOne Integrates Platform Through New Agreements

Security firm HackerOne has announced a range of new partnerships and integrations to enable its platform to fit better with existing security and development workflows.These include agreements with ServiceNow and PagerDuty to provide real-time updates of critical vulnerabilities, enabling their customers to respond rapidly to threats.A new class data and lo
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US Army Base's Twitter Account Hacked

A malicious hacker has been blamed for a series of lewd messages that emanated from the social media account of a US military base on Wednesday.Followers of Fort Bragg's official Twitter account were surprised by the sexual content of a number of tweets that began to appear at around 4:30pm ET. The tweets were posted in response to messages featurin
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Systems Admin Arrested for Hacking Former Employer

The former systems administrator of an American department store has been arrested after allegedly hacking into his ex-employer’s private network to give his former colleagues paid holidays. New Yorker Hector Navarro is accused of creating a "superuser" account that allowed him to access a computer system of Century 21&nbs
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#SecTorCa: How One Malicious Message Could Exploit an Enterprise

Following the global transition to remote working that began in March of this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Omer Tsarfati, cybersecurity researcher at CyberArk Labs, found himself using Microsoft Teams more than ever before.Being a security researcher, Tsarfati wanted to make sure the software he was using was actually secure – which it wasn&rsquo
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Supply Chain Cybersecurity: What You Need to Consider

As companies and organizations evaluate their attack surface, they know to look at their own systems and infrastructure to defend against threats and manage vulnerabilities. However, what about their critical partners and the supply chain? With up to 80% of cyber-attacks now beginning in the supply chain, breaches at even the smallest vendors can have big co
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#SecTorCa: Defining the Security Metrics that Matter

According to security trainer Tanya Janca, not all metrics actually matter for cybersecurity and there are some that can have significantly more impact than others.Janca, the founder of training firm We Hack Purple, detailed her views on metrics during a session at the virtual SecTor security conference.She began by stating that most people simply define met
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#SecTorCa: The Paramedic’s Guide to Surviving Cybersecurity

As a trained paramedic, Rich Mogull has helped to save lives. Mogull is also a cybersecurity professional and he sees a number of parallels between his two professions.Mogull is the CEO of security analyst firm Securosis and provided his insights in a session at the virtual SecTor security conference. Mogull noted that he’s led parallel lives, one in e
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#SecTorCa: A Hacker’s Perspective on Your Infrastructure

Being aware of potential risks can help organizations to mitigate those risks, but first they really need to understand what hackers are looking at. That’s the view of IT security auditor Paula Januszkiewicz, founder of CQURE.Januszkiewicz delivered her message during a keynote session at the virtual SecTor security conference. Januszkiewicz noted that
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#COVID19 Vaccine-Maker Shuts Global Plants After Cyber-Attack

An Indian pharmaceutical giant has been forced to shut operations at several global facilities after suffering an unspecified cyber-attack.Dr Reddy’s, which produces COVID-19 treatments remdesivir and favipiravir and has just signed a deal to manufacture Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine, saw shares plummet by over 4% following the announcement.A statem
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WordPress Plug-in Updated in Rare Forced Action

The Logonizer login security plug-in was automatically updated to patch a SQL injection vulnerability.The security team at WordPress has taken advantage of a powerful, but rarely used, feature in the content management platform to force an update to a popular plug-in across the entire user base. Loginizer, with more than a million installations, was updated
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