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Intezer Raises $15 Million in Series B Funding

Cyber threat detection provider Intezer this week announced it has raised $15 million in a Series B funding round.The New York-based cyber-security company helps organizations detect threats by revealing the “genetic” origins of software code, and also provides context on how to respond to incidents.Intezer’s Genetic Malware Analysis technology takes a novel
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Cybersecurity Lessons Learned from 'The Rise of Skywalker'

They're especially relevant regarding several issues we face now, including biometrics, secure data management, and human error with passwords.The Star Wars film franchise has fascinated society with unprecedented fervor for over 40 years, and it's easy to see why: They're Shakespearean tales with lightsabers and spaceships. But aside from timeless lessons a
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Saudi Dismisses Link to Hack of Amazon Owner Bezos

The Saudi embassy in Washington on Tuesday dismissed suggestions the kingdom hacked the phone of Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos, as media reports linked the security breach to a WhatsApp message from an account of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.The 2018 intrusion into the device led to the release of intimate images of Amazon founder Bezos, whose Post ne
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French Spy Suspected of Selling Data on Darknet

An anti-terrorism agent in France's domestic intelligence service could soon face trial on charges of selling confidential data and fake IDs in the hidden corners of the internet, prosecutors say. Investigators wrapped up their investigation last week into the alleged sales by "Haurus", the code name for the DGSI officer, now 33, who was arrested in Septembe
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Unofficial Patch Released for Recently Disclosed Internet Explorer Zero-Day

ACROS Security’s 0patch service on Tuesday released an unofficial fix for CVE-2020-0674, a recently disclosed vulnerability in Internet Explorer that has been exploited in targeted attacks.Microsoft informed customers last Friday that Internet Explorer is affected by a zero-day vulnerability. The flaw has been described as a memory corruption issue that can
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Microsoft Exposed 250 Million Customer Support Records

Nearly 250 million Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS) records were found exposed to the Internet in five insecure Elasticsearch databases, Comparitech reports.The records on those servers contained 14 years’ worth of logs of conversations between support agents and customers, all of which could be accessed by anyone directly from a browser, without
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Source Code Released for All ProtonVPN Apps

Proton Technologies, the company best known for its privacy-focused email service ProtonMail, this week announced that the source code for all of its ProtonVPN virtual private network (VPN) applications has been made public after each app underwent independent security audits.The source code for the Android, iOS, macOS and Windows versions of ProtonVPN are n
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Panda Security promotes “Global security in the age of hybrid conflicts”

The 35th International Workshop on Global Security was presented in Paris on April 16 and 17 last year, with the theme of “Global Security in the Age of Hybrid Warfare and the Cyber Threat.” The alignment between the Workshop and Panda Security’s quality standards allowed us to take part in this event as a technology partner. The subjects covered
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Half a Million IoT Device Passwords Published

It's a list of easy-to-guess passwords for IoT devices on the Internet as recently as last October and November. Useful for anyone putting together a bot network: A hacker has published this week a massive list of Telnet credentials for more than 515,000 servers, home routers, and IoT (Internet of Things) "smart" devices. The list, which was published on a
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KnowBe4 Donates $250,000 to Stetson University College of Law

Security awareness training provider KnowBe4 has donated $250,000 to Stetson University College of Law, Florida’s first law school.The donation includes:Creation of the the KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Law Scholarship Fund which will provide $5000 merit-based scholarships for the next five years;Creation of the KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Law Program Fund to suppor
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Campaigners Threaten ICO with Legal Action for AdTech Failings

Campaigners are threatening to take the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to court for failing to enforce data protection laws in tackling what they see as widespread illegality in the adtech industry.The Open Rights Group (ORG) responded to an update from the ICO last Friday detailing what action has been taken since the latter’s June 2019
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Microsoft Exposes 250 Million Call Center Records in Privacy Snafu

Microsoft briefly exposed call center data on almost 250 million customers via several unsecured cloud servers late last year, according to researchers.Bob Diachenko spotted the major privacy snafu a day after databases across five Elasticsearch servers were indexed by the BinaryEdge search engine on December 28.Each contained a seemingly identical trove of
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US Military Claimed 'Success' in Hacking ISIS: Documents

The US military claims to have "successfully" disrupted the online propaganda efforts of the Islamic State in a hacking operation dating back at least to 2016, according to declassified national security documents released Tuesday.The heavily redacted, previously top secret documents said the US Cyber Command "successfully contested ISIS in the information d
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Advanced "16Shop" Phishing Kit Expands Offerings

One of the most advanced phishing kits, known as 16Shop and probably developed by a group known as the Indonesian Cyber Army, has expanded its phish targets from Apple account holders and Amazon to now include PayPal.The discovery was disclosed by ZeroFOX researchers today. "In early January 2020," they say, "ZeroFOX Alpha Team obtained a phishing kit from 1
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FireEye Acquires Cloud Governance Firm Cloudvisory

FireEye (NASDAQ: FEYE) on Tuesday announced that it has acquired Cloudvisory, a Dallas, Texas-based provider of tools for cloud visibility, security, and policy management. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.Founded in 2013, Cloudvisory’s platform provides continuous visibility, compliance, and security policy governance solutions for cloud, hy
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