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Password Changing After a Breach

This study shows that most people don't change their passwords after a breach, and if they do they change it to a weaker password. Abstract: To protect against misuse of passwords compromised in a breach, consumers should promptly change affected passwords and any similar passwords on other accounts. Ideally, affected companies should strongly encourage thi
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Aussie Football Site Leaks 70 Million Records

An Australian football fan site has been found leaking 70 million records, including users’ personal details and racist private messages, via an unprotected Elasticsearch instance.The 132GB leak was discovered by SafetyDetectives researchers led by Anurag Sen and is linked to BigFooty.com, a website and mobile app dedicated to Aussie Rules Football, wh
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Amtrak Discloses Security Incident Involving Guest Reward Accounts

U.S. passenger railroad service Amtrak last week started informing some customers that their personal information may have been compromised as a result of unauthorized access to Guest Reward accounts.A data breach notice shared by Amtrak with authorities reveals that the incident was discovered on April 16. The company determined that hackers gained access t
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New Technique Improves Effectiveness of Timing Channel Attacks

Two researchers have discovered a new timing channel attack technique that remains effective even if multiple processes are running on a system.Called DABANGG (the Hindi word for fearless), the newly proposed technique improves the effectiveness of flush-based attacks such as Flush+Reload and Flush+Flush, researchers Anish Saxena and Biswabandan Panda from t
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KingNull leaks DB of Daniel’s Hosting dark web hosting provider

Earlier this year a hacker breached Daniel’s Hosting, the largest free web hosting provider for dark web hidden services and now leaked its DB. A threat actor has leaked the database of Daniel’s Hosting (DH), the largest free web hosting provider for dark web hidden services. The hacker has stolen the data in March when he breached the host
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The team behind the Joomla CMS discloses a data breach

Maintainers at the Joomla open-source content management system (CMS) announced a security breach that took place last week. Last week a member of the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD) team left an unencrypted full backup of the JRD site (resources.joomla.org) on an unsecured Amazon Web Services S3 bucket operated by the company. The company did not re
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Can your social-media past haunt you?

TV host Jimmy Fallon recently had to issue an apology for making an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface in a skit for Saturday Night Live that aired twenty years ago. In the comedy sketch, the host of NBC’s The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon is seen performing wearing brownface makeup. After the video resurfaced, Jimmy Fallon used Twitter to say his de
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Video Conferencing Security for Businesses Isn’t a New Issue, It Just Came Into Focus

With 316 million Americans being asked to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly half of the U.S. population still working from home, video conferencing has suddenly become a critical tool for businesses. In fact, tools for remote work have spiked 84 percent since February, with video conferencing platforms like Webex recently sharing that they
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Stronger Together — Building Cyber Resilience

In January, the World Economic Forum (WEF) again included cyberattacks as one of the top 10 most likely and significant risks to society in 2020. Less than two months later, ways of working underwent a drastic change due to the global pandemic. With so many employees working remotely and many business functions now in the cloud, organizations are rethinking
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The Cybersecurity Implications of 5G Technology

The coming of widespread 5G technology promises more than just faster everything, enhanced capacity and greater reliability. Leading proponents of the wonders of 5G, such as the theoretical physicist and author Michio Kaku, paint a picture of a true technological “paradigm shift, a game-changer.”The self-described futurist invites us to imagine a lightning-f
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Amtrak Guest Rewards Breach Affects Personal Info

Amtrak has revealed that some customers may have had their personal information and log-ins stolen after it detected unauthorized access of rewards accounts by a third party.Also known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, the state-backed US transportation provider revealed the news in a regulatory filing with the Office of the Vermont Attorney Ge
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Trump Plans to Ban Chinese Students with Military Ties

The Trump administration is reportedly accelerating plans to ban Chinese students with military ties from attending university in the US, as Beijing prepares its own national security law for Hong Kong.American officials with knowledge of the discussions at the top of government told the New York Times that the long-mooted plan would involve cancelling stude
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Tripwire Patch Priority Index for May 2020

Tripwire’s May 2020 Patch Priority Index (PPI) brings together important vulnerabilities from Microsoft, Adobe, SaltStack, and VMware.Up first on the patch priority list this month are patches for VMware vCenter Server and SaltStack Salt. The Metasploit exploit framework has recently integrated exploits for VMware vCenter Server (CVE-2020-3952) and Sal
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What is Boolean?

My mother asks the following question, so I'm writing up a blogpost in response.I am watching a George Boole bio on Prime but still don’t get it.I started watching the first few minutes of the "Genius of George Boole" on Amazon Prime, and it was garbage. It's the typical content that's been dumbed-down so much that any useful content has been rem
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Anonymous demands justice for George Floyd and threatens attacks

The hacktivist collective group Anonymous demands justice for George Floyd and threatens to ‘expose the many crimes’ of Minneapolis Police. Anonymous demands justice for George Floyd and threatens to ‘expose the many crimes’ of Minneapolis Police. George Floyd was killed by a white police officer by kneeling on his neck for more than eight minutes. We
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