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2014-08-08 23:53

Welcome to HackDig:)

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"Hackdig" collect  many high-quality articles about web security.i hope 'HackDig' can help u on working or study.

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im G8dsnow,a research and develop engineer.

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  1. James Cummings @2017-04-07 02:01 Reply

    I'd like to send over an article for you to publish (or a series of articles). I run a writing company www.dailyposts.co.uk and am always looking for great places to publish content. Let me get this out of the way first- there is no cost for a few articles a month.

    These are some examples of my posts in slightly different niche-

    As you can see I write for some great sites.

    I have some ideas that I think would fit your blog and excite your visitors, but would also be happy to write on a topic that is a priority for you at the moment. I will share the post to generate a little buzz. I can also add a link to it on high profile sites. I have a premium Shutterstock account, so I'll add some nice premium images too.

    I find that sites love the content and some go on to be paying clients when they decide to scale their blogs, or need other content for projects, but I would never push paid content options and I would leave it up to you to contact me for any projects that you wanted me to work on. No obligation at all.

    Let me know if you are amenable to the idea of having me do some content for your blog for free. It’s an easy win/win. When I get your email I’ll get something written and over to you. If you don’t like it then I know you won’t publish- so it will be great content.

    Kind Regards,

    James Cummings

  2. sgogriu @2015-06-24 02:53 Reply

    I come from china, and learn many things from your article " cve-2015-0311 debug notes" (url:http://en.hackdig.com/04/20432.htm ),can u share the plugin based on the PyDBG, thank u very much.

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