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Adobe Releases Critical Flash Player Update

2014-08-10 19:51

Today Adobe announced an out-of-cycle emergency patch for their ubiquitous Flash Player software. The patch impacts Windows, Mac OS X and Linux users of Flash Player.

Normally when a patch like this is released, it is due to an unpatched vulnerability being actively exploited in the wild and impacting users.

Adobe's full bulletin can be read here; it appears that this is a remote code execution vulnerability that would allow an attacker to deliver malware to their target computer.

I would encourage all users to update their computers right away, and for system administrators to get the patch onto their test systems as soon as possible and deployed right away. This patch shouldn't wait for your normal patch cycle.

Source: etadpu-reyalp-hsalf-lacitirc-sesaeler-eboda/tsop/moc.tenitrof.golb

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