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The incarceration of Julian Assange is a blight on natural justice

2014-11-18 17:30
The incarceration of Julian Assange is a blight on natural justice

John Pilger has posted a damning indictment of British (and Swedish) justice: The siege of Julian Assange is a farce. It is well worth reading.

source: johnpilger.com

source: johnpilger.com

But I trust and believe that if the British people would just stop and consider the events without the bullying intonation of politicians like Theresa May, they would insist that all charges be dropped and if necessary Assange be granted political asylum (from Sweden and the USA) in Britain.

There are just two things I would add to Pilger’s post. Firstly, the enactment of the European Arrest Warrant issued by Sweden was a farce. Pilger points out that the Chief Justice, Lord Phillips made an error in law in not dismissing the EAW. But Phillips also had to twist the law to do so. It was absolutely clear in the English language version of the European law that the Swedish EAW was not valid in England. Phillips had to go to the French language version in order to apply his preferred interpretation – that is, he used the French language to supersede the English language in an English court in England.

Secondly, an experienced French-Norwegian prosecutor, Eva Joly, visited Sweden earlier this year to see if she could expedite a solution.

So Joly is in Sweden — an experienced European prosecutor seeking to expedite a fair trial for Assange, because she wants “the case to move along because it is a human right to be tried in a reasonable time.” She has the knowledge of European law and the understanding of an experienced European prosecutor to show how this could be achieved — so you would expect the Swedish authorities to be keen to talk. But no.
Let’s not forget Assange

The reality is that if the US/Swedish conspiracy cannot extradite Assange to an uncertain fate in America, they will quite happily let him rot incarcerated in the open prison known as the Ecuadorean embassy, London. The British people should not allow this to continue.

Source: /ecitsuj-larutan-no-thgilb-a-si-egnassa-nailuj-fo-noitarecracni-eht/11/4102/ku.oc.ytirucesti

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