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Security Slice: Internet Privacy Realities

2014-10-30 07:35

In spite of Apple’s public position of user privacy, OS X Yosemite sends potentially sensitive user information to both Apple and Microsoft. The operating system’s default search tool, Spotlight, automatically sends user queries and location data to provide users with “more relevant searches.”

Meanwhile, Verizon Wireless has been injecting cookies into HTTP requests, which track every unencrypted website a user visits with no way to opt-out.

What’s the impact of detailed tracking on user privacy?

Listen to our latest security slice podcast and hear Tyler Reguly and Craig Young discuss the differences in the tracking approaches used by Yosemite and Verizon Wireless, the relative privacy risks of  tracking in comparison to ‘Flashlight’ apps and why it’s a forgone conclusion that Internet privacy is an oxymoron.






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