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Snowden Says Drop Dropbox; Here’s What You Said

2014-10-29 12:40

In his recent video interview with The New Yorker, Edward Snowden advised viewers to get rid of Dropbox, Facebook and Google, saying such services are dangerous and should be avoided. But what do consumers think? Are you and I ready to follow his advice and switch to more secure services?

To find out what people really think, we consulted our recent global consumer survey* where we had asked people just those types of questions. Here’s what we found:

Consumers are concerned about privacy since Snowden

  • 53% of survey respondents said they’d be willing to switch from services like Google to other more private services to avoid search-based profiling.
  • 56% of people said they have become more wary of US-based Internet services in the past year.
  • 46% of people said they would be willing to pay to be sure that none of their personal data transits via the US.
  • 70% said they are concerned about the potential of mass surveillance by intelligence agencies in countries through which their data may be passing.
  • 68% of respondents said they try to protect their privacy at least some of the time through the use of private browsing or incognito mode or by encrypting their communications.
  • 57% of people said they are not okay with companies using their profile data in exchange for getting a free service.

Germany, Brazil and the Philippines showed some of the highest levels of concern about data privacy. For example, when asked whether they’ve changed some of their Internet habits in recent months due to increased concerns about data privacy, an average of 56% of people said they had: 45% in the UK, 47% in the US, and 49% in France, and going even higher to 60% in Germany and 67% in both Brazil and the Philippines.

Are you ready to start using more private, secure services too? If so, F-Secure has some great options. Our online storage and sync service, younited, is fully encrypted for security and privacy from the ground up. F-Secure Freedome encrypts your connection wherever you are, even on public WiFi, and protects you from hackers and Internet trackers. And free F-Secure App Permissions lets you know which mobile apps you’ve installed are a threat to your privacy.


*The F-Secure Consumer Values Study 2014 consisted of online interviews of 4,800 age, gender and income-representative respondents from six countries, 800 respondents per country: US, UK, France, Germany, Brazil and the Philippines. The study was designed together with Informed Intuitions. Data was collected by Toluna Analytics in July 2014.


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