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Ads on Android Claims Fake Update That Install Unwanted Application

2014-10-12 07:05

Mobile devices may contain personal information and important details for users and this attract cyber-criminal to exploit vulnerabilities on smartphones and install their malwares. Armando Orozco on Malwarebytes have posted a new entry over this week that targets Android system. the attack starts by an advertising banner and pop-up that claims to find a issue with the used browser.

The URL will open a pop-up that ask victims to install another browser called the  “Dolphin Browser” usually any update notification will come with the Google play store so this ad is annoying and it will help to promote certain application that user do not really need.

Galaxy Notescreenshot for the advertisement posted by malwarebyte

If you see similar notifications ignore the link as this may lead to a malicious application that affect your system.

Source: /Y5Hsnh8YEba/3~/onhcetceS/r~/moc.elgoog.yxorpdeef

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