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Video Digest: Web Filtering

2014-08-10 13:30

Web Filtering is one of your first lines of network defense, preventing known threats from reaching your network so your other security features can handle the unknown threats, and preventing users from accessing content that could be distracting, a drain on bandwidth, or a liability risk. Below is a collection of videos to introduce you to Web Filtering, using FortiOS 5.0.

User-specific Web Filtering

This video introduces you to the concept of web filtering, and provides an example of how it can be used to grant or limit access based on user accounts. You can use web filters to control what users can and can't access, without limiting your own access.

Web Filtering Overrides

Overrides are an alternate method for applying web filters to users: blocking content across the board, and allowing administrators or privileged users to override the web filter and reach the content they need. You can use overrides to protect against subtler threats and distractions, by requiring users to authenticate to reach problematic content.

Web Filtering Quotas

Quotas are limits that you set on how long a user can bypass a web filter. You can use quotas to grant limited access for a certain time to blocked content, allowing users to control when they access it, but limiting the potential for bandwidth overuse or distraction from work.

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