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Next Generation Security Operations Center in Sydney, Australia Positions Symantec Closer to Global Cyber Center Vision

2014-09-27 01:50

Last month, I had the privilege of visiting Sydney Australia to open our newly expanded office and Security Operations Center (SOC). I arrived in Sydney early in the morning and as I approached the hotel, I got my first glimpse of Sydney Harbor and was happily surprised to see a skyscraper boasting the Symantec logo high above other buildings. The “Symantec House” is home to our expanded office and Security Operations Center (SOC) and is located right in the heart of the beautiful and bustling habour town of Sydney near the popular center -  “The Rocks”. 

After enjoying morning tea, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Communications, Paul Fletcher, alongside Symantec’s Adrian Jones, unveiled our new Kent Street office where the SOC is the heart of our operations. 

Symantec Security Operations Centre Sydney 2-2[1].jpgThis launch marks our commitment to providing expanded security capabilities to customers in the Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) region and around the globe. Symantec’s new SOC, which is double the size of our previous operation center, is strategically located in Sydney to allow us to stay one step ahead of impending security threats emanating from the APJ region, to continue to innovate with highly sophisticated and robust security offerings and remain a competitive leader at a global level. This region of the world is incredibly diverse and multi-cultural, and locating our SOC in Sydney gives us access to highly educated, multi-lingual security professionals who can support the needs of a broad group of customers across the region.

I had the opportunity to learn more the top security drivers our APJ customers find relevant, during a roundtable with key customers, industry analysts and partners from Asia, Australia and New Zealand. “Customer” insights drove many of the focus areas for our Cyber Security strategy and the APJ input from customers reaffirmed that our new cyber security services are/will be highly valuable solutions to protect against growing security challenges within their organizations.

Opening our cutting edge SOC is an important milestone for the Cyber Security Group (CSG) as it propels our trajectory towards leading global cyber security centers around the world. Our security team in Sydney provides industry leading capabilities spanning from operational security monitoring to incident response, intelligence and security simulation.

I look forward to the business and value growth that is being driven from our Sydney SOC as they drive to new levels of business success, serve as a trusted extension to our customer security teams and are a critical artery for global SOC ecosystem.

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