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Hack Whats App Account Decrypting Conversations WhatsApp

2014-08-10 12:21

On Daily wehave heard news about online services is suffering from a lack of security. InFebruary WhatsApp has been down for nearly four hours, as if this were notenough, people became aware of the security flaw that allows conversations thatshould be read by anyone provided it learn properly perform the procedures.

Steps to follow:
1 -First of all you need to have the device at hand, use the Social Engineeringand be quick in getting the e-mail and backup files msgstore-2014-05-02.1.db.crypt5. To get the email for thisfollow the procedures below.

Enter the Play Store and view the e-mail, or write down mentalize somewherewithout the person noticing.

Now Go to the device settings from Settings ->Accounts & Sync,look for the email from Google andmentalize or write down somewhere without the person noticing.

2 - Nowlet's take the msgstore-2014-05-08.1.db.crypt7 file To do this, use Polaris Office or any other app thatallows you to navigate between folders and manage files.

Followthis path: My files -> WhatsApp -> Databases - In this directory you will find all the backup files ofyour messenger. When you do find the file sharing for your mobile phone viabluetooth.

3 - Havewe got the e-mailand file backup http://whatcrypt.com/?cmd=_decryptwe enter the siteand send the backup file.

To Submit follows:
Account:Enter the email of the victim
Database:Select the database backup
Click Process /download zip
Save the zip fileon your desktop

4 - Once you have downloaded the backup file in zip format we now needto download the tool to extract the backup and we have access to conversations.Save on the desktop.

5 - From thedesktop to extract the file WhatsApp Decrypt.zipinstall python-3.4.0 folder and enter the WhatsApp.
Browse by: WhatsApp ->Whatsapp_Xtract_V2.1_2012-05-10-2

When youinstall python-3.4.0 do the following steps:

1 - Goto My Computer, click with the right mouse button and Properties -> AdvancedSystem Settings

2 - Inthe System Properties navigate to the Advancedtab -> Environment Variables

3 -Environment Variables look for Path

4 - Editthe PATH

5 - Atthe end of PATH add ;C:Python34
6 - Click ok and close

6 - Nowextract the file from step 3 msgstore_decryptedon the desktop, copy and paste iton WhatsAppfolder -> Whatsapp_Xtract_V2.1_2012-05-10-2 and replacethe file

7 - Replacethe WhatsAppfolder -> Whatsapp_Xtract_V2.1_2012-05-10-2 from step 5 and look for msgstore.dll file,drag it onto the whatsapp_xtract_drag'n'drop_database file (s) _here

Afteryou drag it will create a file called msgstore.db.html the folder and ask youto press any key at the command prompt to continue ... Pressing any key it willopen in your default browser displaying the file msgstore.db.html allconversations, dates, numbers, etc...

Note: In step 2 print shows the crypt 7 but the crypt is correct 5!

Disclaimer: This tutorial is educational purpose only. HOC is not responsible for any kind of illegal activities. We believe in Security.

Source: lmth.gnitpyrced-tnuocca-ppa-stahw-kcah/50/4102/moc.bulcenilnosrekcah.golb

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