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Twitch Chat Malware Spreads, Wipes Dry Steam Accounts

2014-09-16 00:20
There’s malware making the rounds on Twitch.tv that could end up wiping out your Steam account.

According to F-Secure, the chat feature within the platform spreads malware hidden under ads. A Twitch-bot sends messages via channels and invites users to participate in a weekly raffle for a chance to win various prizes, including games.

The link doesn’t lead to any type of competition, but rather to a Java program which asks for the name, email address and permission to publish the winner’s name. Afterwards, there’s the problem of being contacted in case they win.

The user data isn’t actually stored in the database for a raffle. Instead, the malware that users pick up while visiting the page starts dropping a Windows binary file and executing it to perform various commands.

It can, for instance, take screenshots or add new friends in Steam, as well as accept friend requests that are pending in Steam. It can also force accounts to initiate trading with these new buddies in Steam, who may or may not be from the group that put the scheme together.

The malware can also send trade offers and buy items if the user has money, accept pending trade transactions and sell items with a discount in the market. Essentially, this malware can completely turn your Steam account upside down.

Eskimo will wipe out your Steam account

It seems that the malware, called Eskimo by F-Secure, can wipe dry Steam wallets, armories and inventories, with items being sold with a 12 percent discount on the Steam Community Market, although cases have been spotted with 35% discounts.

The Steam forums are full of complaints about users’ items being traded without their permission. Most of them seem to be pointing the finger at a certain user who plays under quite a few nicknames. It seems that after making the trades with this individual, the victims aren’t receiving anything in return from him.

Twitch is the top video platform and community for gamers. It has about 50 million visitors each month, some of which also broadcast videos of their gameplay.

A few weeks ago, Twitch.tv was acquired by Amazon for $970 million (€750.6 million). There are no immediate changes planned for the video platform, or any word on what Amazon plans to do with its newest purchase, for that matter, but analysts and fans of the site have received the news well. Moreover, they were happy that Google didn’t seal the deal as it was rumored to happen.

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