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Are You Maximizing Your Security Investment in Endpoint Protection?

2014-09-10 16:10

The best part of my job is when I get to talk to customers using Symantec Endpoint Protection. Like a moth to the flame, I’m curious about how our customers actually use the product, what they love about it, or what drives them a little crazy. Lately, I’ve peppered most conversations with two simple questions: 

1) Are you ready for the upcoming SEP 11 EOSL with up-to-date software? 

2) Are you aware of, and using, the full protection stack in SEP 12.1 (beyond Antivirus)?

In most cases, the answer to one or both questions is a variation of “nope.” Since I can’t talk to EVERY customer, we’re inviting you to take 5 minutes to conduct a Security Self-Assessment and share a few FREE resources that you may not be aware of, to help you maximize your security investment in Endpoint Protection. 

Still Running Endpoint Protection 11.x? 

If you’re among the handful of customers that are still running SEP 11, time is running out. End-of-Support-Life is approaching (Jan 2015) and customers will stop receiving technical support, including fixes, patches, workarounds, maintenance packs and updates. At a minimum, updating your SEPM to 12.1 will allow you to manage both 12.1 and remaining 11 clients while you finish the migration across all your clients. Check out this migration microsite for helpful resources, customer and how-to videos. 

Looking for Security Best Practices?

Are you familiar with the Security Best Practices published by Symantec’s Security Threat and Response organization? Start with the recommended settings for high protection or performance and then take a deeper dive with technical white papers on Securing Embedded Systems (aka. Point-of-Sale) or Protection Against Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) at the endpoint. The page is frequently updated with links to education on the threat landscape and best practices in today’s dangerous digital age. Visit the site for a guide to what you must do, should do, and could do to derive more value from your investment, reduce redundancies, and close security gaps.

Become an Expert of Symantec Products…Without Leaving the Office. 

Symantec’s eLibrary, previously priced at $1400 per user is now free!  With hundreds of learning modules, our eLibrary provides in-depth technical knowledge of Symantec’s products. Symantec provides this training free to all who register at go.symantec.com/education_elibrary. Our goal is to enable our valuable stakeholders to have success with our products. 

 Symantec’s eLibrary is a modern and easy-to-use learning interface which provides a list of topics by product category. The web training provides an easy-to-use interface and is professionally developed and delivered by our technical training and subject matter experts. Test-drive our eLibrary today.  Now free of cost from Symantec!

Do You Qualify for a FREE Assessment with the SEP Analyzer? 

We’ve developed a tool that examines your endpoint security from a high-level to identify common issues that you may not be aware of. Powered by an automated data collection process, a customized report is generated to serve as a baseline evaluation of your security posture. Gain visibility into the most important steps to immediately improve your security posture and performance – without additional investment.

A few key metrics include:

  • Versioning - Are you running the latest version, or do vulnerabilities exist in the deployed version?
  • Component Deployment - Wich protection capabilities are deployed? 
  • Manager Performance - Is content stored correctly to ensure optimal definition distribution? 

The data collection process takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. An executable is run in the environment and then our engineer evaluates the data and creates a custom report. Once the report is available, we’ll arrange a free consultation to discuss the results and provide ways to improve your security posture. Please know that this is not a substitute for a full health check, but will identify common issues within your environment. Ask your Symantec Representative if you qualify. 

Get More With What You Already Have

Keeping up with today’s digital age can make security feel complicated. Outdated and under-deployed software can introduce additional risk and waste valuable time. Since you’ve already laid a strong foundation by deploying Symantec Endpoint Protection, it’s time to maximize your investment by activating all the layers of protection to reduce your attack surface and improve your efficiency with the latest enhancements to the #1 Endpoint Security product available. 

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