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Connected Medical Devices Simultaneously Increase Risk and Safety

2014-08-09 22:34

LAS VEGAS – A few years ago the media was inundated with reports that former Vice President Dick Cheney had his pacemaker removed and replaced with a custom, presumably less connected one. The assumed reason for that procedure was to minimize the risk Cheney is exposed to in a world where it is increasingly clear that embedded medical devices can be hacked to catastrophic consequence.

There’s been far too much gloom and doom talk about shadowy hackers walking into a room and using their laptop to deliver a lethal dose of insulin to their adversary. While the scenario is certainly possible, it’s incredibly unlikely. As medical device security expert, type one diabetic, and one-time user of embedded insulin pumps, Jay Radcliffe, noted in a round table discussion on medical device security today at Black Hat, it would be far easier and more likely for an attacker to sneak up behind him and deliver a fatal blow to his head with a baseball bat.

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