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Is NetTraveler APT managed by PLA Military Camp in Lanzhou [China] ???.

2014-08-30 07:10
Here we providing a detail Analysis about Netravelr APT team which we collected over the past 1 year.
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In 2014 the actors behind global cyber espionage campaign “Operation NetTraveler” celebrate ten years of activity. NetTraveler has targeted more than 350 high-profile victims in 40 countries. So it is high time we make our research public . This is not an individual research, instead this was part of a efforts of various Garage4hackers members.


Nettravler Group is big and have spent huge amount for malware infrastructure. They have a
24/7 Working hours . We were able to attribute Netravler to PLA[People liberation Army] military camp in Lanzhou. We provide our analysis in the form of a PPT slide.

Slides here:


Source: 2803=b?php.yrtne/moc.srekcah4egarag.www

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“Is NetTraveler APT managed by PLA Military Camp in Lanzhou [China] ???.”0 Comments

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