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Pokemon X and Y Tumblrs: Warn your Kids

2014-08-15 09:18

A gentle reminder not to leave your kids alone with their best friend ever, the internet.

Pokemon X and Y is by all accounts a raging success, and if the smaller members of your household go Googling for things related to said title, they may well end up on a site such as the below promising a PC download of the new game.


An attractive bait

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This site intends to direct the end-user to a cookie-cutter blog located at


The site pops a survey with offers likely dictated by region. What’s worrying here is if kids arrive on this site given the Pokemon theme, they could well be presented with survey questions asking for personal information alongside the more typical installs (and installs aren’t really something you want to be presenting kids with either).


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In this case, one of the links leads to an iLivid install.


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Install time

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As you can see above, it mentions a toolbar install which is pre-ticked in the next screen.


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After clicking “Accept & install”, the end-user is presented with an additional install offer, a browser geared towards “Media downloading”, streaming and Torrent downloading:

Browser install

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What’s on offer here isn’t a big deal, but there’s no way you can predict what will be on the other end of a survey popup – everything from personal information requests and ringtone offers to Adware and (occasionally) Malware have all been sitting in wait on the other side of that “Complete this” button. While adults may hopefully steer clear of a lot of these antics, any kids going click happy in Pokemon land (or any other themed set of search engine queries) probably won’t be so lucky.

For more information on the problems families face with tech, click here. For a more general overview of children and tech, this would be the link to click.

Christopher Boyd

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