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Are You A Cyber Prepper?

2014-08-15 09:18

Being a Cyber Prepper is all about being ready for any threat launched against your network.

If anyone can be considered a Cyber Prepper, it’s the readers of this blog, who for years have been attuned to the ever-shifting threat landscape.

But what about the rest of the people employed by your business or organization? What about your bosses? What about your own colleagues in the IT department, who may have fallen behind the technology and strategy curve in the new hyper-paced cybersecurity world?

Marketing hype aside, our everyday security operations need to evolve. Today’s threat actors are more cunning and bolder than ever before, as they become more adept at evading traditional, signature-based defenses.

Be Ready For Anything

ThreatTrack Security’s free ebook, The Cyber Preppers Guide, is a great way to kick start those internal conversations again and help you make the case that now is the time re-evaluate your security strategy to ensure you’re defended against a new breed of malware.

Download The Cyber Preppers Guide today, and share it with anyone on your team who needs an education on the new threat landscape and what’s at stake if it’s ignored.

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