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Introduction to AppSensor for Developers

2015-03-06 06:40

Following the recent v2.0 code release and promotion to flagship status there has been increased interest in the OWASP AppSensor Project concerning application-specific real-time attack detection and response.

Front page of the new 'AppSensor Introduction for Developers'

During the OWASP podcast interview with project co-leader John Melton, the idea of creating briefings for target groups was discussed by podcast host Mark Miller. I am pleased to say that thought rolled onto the project's mailing list, and John Melton rapidly wrote and published the text copy.

I took that copy and additional suggestions by Louis Nadeau to design a two-page briefing document. This is available to download from the OWASP web site:

  • Zipped source files, including press-ready PDFs and above low-resolution PDFs.
  • Zipped source files for a matching A1 poster, including press-ready PDFs.
  • Please circulate this to software developers. The text is also available on CrowdIn if anyone would like to volunteer to translate the briefing, or the guide for that matter, into other languages. There is now also a matching large-format poster.

    We also plan to create a short guide for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), with content drawn primarily from the first few chapters of the existing AppSensor Guide v2.0.

    Source: srepoleveD-rof-rosneSppA-ot-noitcudortnI/6/3/5102/ku.rellewdnekrelc.www

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